Steve Mudge

Steve is an experienced, imaginative, and personable designer and contractor for all landscaping styles. He has worked with land conservation concerns, and both spare and luxury residences, and is very responsive to the ideas and practical needs of his customers. He oversees all the work and works effectively with a group of specialists that he's built up over the years. He is a true landscape artist, with extensive knowledge of plant types that do well in our area. He is relocating to Orange County the winter of 2011-2012 and will be available for jobs large and small.


Yu-Chien Liao

Yu-Chien is an award winning landscape designer and contractor. She works both for businesses and residential properties. Yu-Chien can either work on the complete garden, or spruce up a part of the yard. Since she is a contractor as well, she can make quick on site adjustments if needed, which speeds up the time needed from design to delivery. She offers services ranging from a few hundred dollars to extensive designs for the whole yard.