Homeowner Representative Board Members 2022-2023

Hobart Taylor, Co-Chair hrbchair@uhills.org Brad Conley >hrb@uhills.org Mack McCoy, Co-Chair >hrbchair@uhills.org Chrissy McCormick >hrb@uhills.org Gerald Parham >hrb@uhills.org Susan Pearlman >hrb@uhills.org Cami Patel >hrb@uhills.org


What is the HRB?

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What is the Homeowner Representative Board?

It is best perhaps to start by clearing up a common misapprehension. The HRB is not – to repeat, it is NOT – University Hills “management.” Management is in the hands of the Irvine Campus Housing Authority (ICHA), a non-profit corporation created by the UC Regents. The HRB is advisory to ICHA and its professional staff. Thus, the HRB works not on behalf of management but instead, serves as a “voice” for University Hills residents.

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