Come Celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival at the Community Center

Featuring Potluck Party and Chinese Moon Cakes

Event: Mid-Autumn Festival Potluck Party– each person brings one dish

When: September 12, Thursday evening 6:30-8:30pm

Where: Community Room, The Community Center 

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the major celebrations in Chinese culture. Family members gather together to eat moon cakes and observe the moon. The festival falls on the 15th of the eighth month in lunar calendar, and this year it is September 13th.  We will celebrate the festival one day prior, on September 12th, so that families can still plan their own family celebrations separately. This event is sponsored by HRB, which will provide moon cakes to share.  The event is open to everyone in the community. Please bring a dish to share and some beverages (wine, beer, soda, etc.) of your preference.  


UCI 社区中心为了庆祝中国的传统节日中秋节,特别在九月12日(星期





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