One lucky winner will be announced for each of the following Uhills Communities:

  • Alturas Rental Townhomes
  • Gabrielino Apartments
  • Miramonte Rental Townhomes
  • Santiago Apartments
  • Schubert Court Condos (upper & lower Schubert)
  • Whitman Court Condos
  • Uhills Houses (includes Schubert Court Townhomes, Alcott Court, Blake Court, Newton Court)

Decorating Rules for each Uhills Community:

Apartments/Rental Townhomes: Decorate your front door, window, patio or balcony in the spirit of Halloween by 10/25. (Please remember decorations cannot be nailed or drilled into the building structure and are not permitted in the common areas of the community). We suggest easy-to-remove tape or 3M hooks. All exterior decorations will need to be removed by Monday, November 2. Seasonal fall decorations may remain.

Condos: Decorate your windows, front door & entryway in the spirit of Halloween by 10/25.

Uhills Houses: Decorate your house and front yard in the spirit of Halloween by 10/25.

Have a Great Time Decorating and Good Luck!

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