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And the Winners Are: The Hirschberg Family, Dan, Lea, Michael, and Ariel Hirschberg


Michael Frankenstein is a respected UCI medical professor.
He has published dozens of articles on zombies.
His team developed the world’s first zombie vaccine.

Ariel Trump is a famous novelist and politician.
His many books revolve around his own “successes”.
He is currently running for governor of California.


David literally explodes upon seeing bad grammar.
He feels nauseous when bills aren’t paid for.
But sentences starting with conjunctions are even worse.

American poet, essayist, and journalist.
Often called the father of free verse.
His major work, Leaves of Grass, controversially sexual.

Felix Lope de VEGA

One of literature history’s most prolific authors.
Scores of his plays (especially comedies) considered masterpieces.
Scandals and trysts produced many lawsuits and marriages.

Harold Clayton UREY
Awarded Nobel Prize in chemistry for discovering deuterium.
Developed isotope separation enriching uranium using gaseous diffusion.
Showed early terrestrial atmosphere could produce amino acids.

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