As a homeowner, you should have received ballot instructions via email. If you did not receive a ballot or need assistance, please contact Barbara Correa at barbara dot correa at icha dot uci dot edu.

The University Hills Homeowner Representative Board (HRB) is comprised of seven members, who serve staggered terms. Four seats are currently up for election, and five candidates have been nominated for these seats. Candidate statements and additional information about the election can be found below. You may also view candidate statements by clicking the “information” link next to each candidate’s name on the ballot below.

HRB elections historically allow one ballot per household. Each ballot affords four votes, since there are four seats to be filled. You may allocate all four votes to the same candidate, or distribute them among multiple candidates as desired. Election results will be based on total vote tallies. Be sure to click “Verify Your Selection,” and then click “Submit Ballot” on the confirmation page to have your vote recorded. Remember that your household’s unique voting key can only be used once. Thank you for voting.

Questions or issues with the voting process? Please contact

Candidate Statements (listed in the order of submission):

Gerald D. Parham – Cervantes Court, Area 10

Good day to you,

I am writing to express my interest in becoming a member of the HRB in University Hills. As a previously active member of the HRB, serving two terms, I have advocated for and supported the interest of this community, particularly providing voice for the rental community, who had previously never been represented on the board.

During my tenure, I was part of a direction which the ICHA Board, with representation from the HRB, engaged in discussion of the vision of possibilities for this University Hills Community. Since the last phase of development is in full swing, the focus was turned to how to build community. I suggested then, as I do now, that if we are serious about building community, then all members of the community should have voice in the decisions and management of issues affecting every aspect of this wonderful benefit that is University Hills.

I will remind you of my prior experience at UCI prior to joining this community. For 14 years, I served as the Director of Palo Verde Housing, a graduate and family student housing community. I was able to develop a Residential Life component to our operation which included forming a resident council, similar to the HRB, providing residents an opportunity to have a voice in the affairs of the community. I have always been of the mindset that if you aren’t actively engaged in the management of your community, then you really can’t complain when you don’t like something.

As a 20+ year staff member at UCI and an alumnus, from the 70’s, I have seen this University and the Uni Hills community continue to grow and develop into a space and place that significantly contributes to the welfare of its faculty, staff, and students. As good as we are, I believe we can still get better. I am committed to doing what I can to make that happen. I believe my passion for this community, my experience and skill set will continue to add value to an already robust group.

If you have any questions, or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me. My contact information is 1209 Cervantes Ct. However, the best way to reach me is via my mobile number, (949) 683-3130, or email at

Thank you for your consideration.

Andrea Canfield – Schubert Court, Area 3

Thank you for your support in electing me last year as a member of the HRB. I have served as the HRB communications coordinator since May 2019, and I have endeavored to bring you timely and thorough minutes online as soon as they are approved. (HRB minutes are available here: Service to our unique community on an organizational and personal level is important to me, and my family and I value our time hosting the UHills All-Ages Craft Club and the biannual Kids’ Item Exchange. I would be grateful to continue to represent you, and all residents of University Hills, for an additional HRB term, continuing to support and provide all residents with avenues for creativity and personal expression.

Susan Pearlman – Cervantes Court, Area 10

The building of new homes in University Hills is winding down. I believe the emphasis on community building is more important than ever. In this unique community, our rich cultural diversity and varied and talented backgrounds are assets beyond measure.

I’m excited about participating in this process of serving our community, and want to bring unity within diversity to our neighborhood. Within the past year I have served on the Community Safety and Diversity Working Group, served an interim seat on the HRB and am working to help launch the Welcoming and Wellness Committee.

  • I hold a graduate degree in Community Economic Development and have spent my career focusing on quality of life issues: women’s issues, diversity, economic justice, and improving the lives of people with disabilities.
  • The first Executive Director of a community cultural center, (home to art studios, businesses, and organizations) I worked to promote a wide range of cultural and educational programs and events.
  • I created and implemented an approach to community engagement that brought all kinds of people into the conversation. This involved elements of community organizing, facilitated meetings and a connection between dialogue and action. Called, “Honest Conversations” the program spanned small towns, urban and suburban areas in two counties, often in conjunction with local fair housing initiatives. I truly understand the value of perspective, consistency and creativity.

Five years ago, my husband and I moved to University Hills from Cleveland Ohio. We are grateful to have the opportunity for a new home, and great neighbors and friends. University Hills is an exceptional community with spectacular amenities. I am committed to making it an even better community, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to serve our community as a member of HRB.

Brad Conley – Murasaki Street, Area 8

I first volunteered for an open seat on HRB. After that, residents elected me to HRB in 2016. Here’s my original candidate statement from four years ago:

My principles and priorities haven’t changed. My first job is still dad to our three children; we still live in our home on Murasaki near Gabrielino Park. I continue to advocate for transparency, objectivity, and fairness at HRB, ICHA, and on campus. I’m always mindful of what’s best for children and families, giving voice to them at board meetings. And I still love University Hills.

Of course, some things have changed since 2016. Like our children — Kevin (14), Grace (12), and Brad (9) — now four years older and students at University High and Turtle Rock Elementary.

I care about what’s important to each one of you. If you choose to keep me on HRB, I’ll continue to advocate, respectfully and effectively, for you and your families. As University Hills and UCI continue to grow, strong advocacy is more important than ever.

At UCI, I represent homeowners on the Campus Physical and Environmental Committee (CPEC). On this side of E. Peltason, I work with ICHA (board & management) on issues like transportation, dispute resolution, and new development. My overarching goal is to “build community” in University Hills.

I contribute to our community as a private citizen, too. I support victims of interpersonal violence by hosting a monthly “hidden abuse” book study — a group I founded that serves residents throughout Orange County, especially University Hills. I help support health & wellness by presenting Yoga of the Heart at our community center. And I support children as a volunteer (Narwhals swimming), coach (AYSO soccer), and education advocate (Montessori).

It’s been an honor to represent you. Thank you for considering me for HRB 2020–2021.

John Bodenschatz – Schubert Court, Area 3

Thank you for considering me as your representative on the HRB. I have served the residents of University Hills on the Schubert Condo Association, working in the interests of residents and renters of our close-knit area. On campus, I represent staff on CUCSA (Council of University of California Staff Assemblies). I believe that service to our community is important and necessary at work and in our home communities. I support sustainable living and community engagement, and I would feel honored to serve on the HRB board.

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