The HRB Sustainability Committee is comprised of at least one HRB member and University Hills residents. At this time, there is no maximum number of participants. Meeting time is the first Monday of each month at 5:30 pm in the ICHA Boardroom. The Committee reports monthly or as needed to the HRB and works with Andrew Herndon (VP of Community Management) from ICHA.


The Uhills HRB Sustainability Committee deals with all questions of policies and practices that lead to a more sustainable Uhills community. Specifically, the Sustainability Committee would like to:

1. Identify policies and best practices for an ecologically sustainable community.

2. Make recommendations to the HRB and subsequently to ICHA about the implementation of the best practices on the community level.

3. Organize community workshops & talks about various topics in order to educate residents to influence sustainable practices on the individual/household level.