The HRB Sustainability Committee is comprised of at least one HRB member and University Hills residents. At this time, there is no maximum number of participants. The Committee reports monthly or as needed to the HRB and works with Andrew Herndon (VP of Community Management) from ICHA. We meet the third Monday of each month (our next meeting will be held on November 15, 2021).

WATCH: (Presentation begins 5 minutes into recording) The Great Work of Our Time: Ecosystem Restoration on a Planetary Scale, An Evening With John D. Liu. John D. Liu is an internationally renowned filmmaker, whose films document inspiring processes of ecosystem restoration. He has produced, written and directed films for BBC, National Geographic, and other international networks. John is the Ecosystem Ambassador for the COMMONLAND Foundation and the founder of the ecosystem restoration camps movement.
Green Living Irvine presentation on recycling & sustainability given by Waste Management.







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