Dear University Hills Residents,  

Our Uni Hills Pool Lovers group creates community for residents who use our wonderful  University Hills pools.  We publicize and are enthusiastic about the benefits of swimming for health.  We hope you will join our group in planning events at the pools and help to bring our neighborhood together. Please read below for helpful ideas that will support our goals.

ICHA Los Trancos Park Amenities Survey 

ICHA is currently utilizing an identical survey process that was used to determine the Area-11 recreation park amenities for Gateway, Playground and Vista Parks to raise community engagement and support for the Los Trancos Park Recreation Area renewal. 

  • Part 1  was emailed to the entire community on April 7 with a May 5 deadline to submit thoughts and ideas for amenities desired in the Los Trancos Park area. (Click here to take the survey.) Many University Hills residents have already listed additional swim space as a desired amenity for the area renewal. For the Part 1 process, all amenity ideas — if feasible — will be compiled into one long list that will then be ranked according to desirability during Part 2 of the process. Each suggestion or idea submitted in Part 1 is given equal weight. 
  • Part 2  will be distributed in late May to the entire community via email. It will ask respondents to rank the amenities from Part 1 of the survey according to most or least desired. Uni Hills Pool Lovers is urging residents to rank ”ADD SWIM SPACE” as most desired - the exact phrasing is yet to be determine, but it will be clear in the survey.

Why is it important that you join our group? 

Our Pool Lovers Group believes recent new home development and possible additional homes in Area  12 will result in heavier use at the Los Trancos pool. We believe we need more pool space in Uni Hills!  Additional pool space will provide:  

  • Exercise opportunities  
  • Additional neighborhood connections…build new friendships.  
  • Reduce individual energy usage by cooling off in the pools instead of running your AC.  
  • Create additional spaces for older neighbors to continue to exercise and promote health
  • Reduce potential overcrowding during the busiest summer months 
  • Reduce accidents (especially for elderly).  

Let’s Build Community 

We hope to soon plan poolside group events and wish to encourage more residents to use our wonderful pool facilities. Swimming is one of the most beneficial exercises in maintaining your health. (Please see CDC webpage on swimming health benefits)

Let’s make it fun!!  We can plan pool-related programs and activities: 

  • Potlucks by the pools to get to know our neighbors 
  • Classes for beginners  
  • Exercises classes for all ages, focusing on user groups currently underserved 
  • Continued support for the Narwhals swim team and build swimming spirit in our kids.  
  • What ideas might you have? 

Sign up for our Pool Lovers Interest Group 

To sign up for our Uni Hills Pool Lovers Interest Group by emailing us at 

Over 100 residents have joined our interest group so far !!!

Let us know what you think. We are open to suggestions.

Thank you,  

Rossella Santagata and Joseph Jenkins