The Community Room

CC-Community Room

Reservation holders are responsible for taking precautions to protect themselves and their guests from exposure to COVID-19. Approval of Community Center reservations requires completing the Release and Waiver of Liability…


CC-Media Room/Lounge

Social Center (Media Room/Lounge)   This building and its two rooms are always reserved together. The Media Room has a 100″ screen, a digital projector, a universal player, an iPod…

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CC-Activity Room

Activity Room The Activity Room has two sinks, a counter, and a concrete floor. This space can be used as one large room or divided into two separate rooms. Each…

The Boardroom

ICHA Boardroom

If you are conducting community-sanctioned business (an HRB subcommittee meeting, for example), you can reserve the ICHA boardroom for meetings of up to 12 people. The boardroom is not available…