University Hills Email Lists for Residents

There are two main email list options for residents wishing to stay engaged with community events. These lists are not managed by ICHA. Uhills residents manage the listserves.

  • is the primary list, to which any resident may subscribe, and to which any subscriber may post.  It is used by its members to advertise giveaways and events, ask for advice, and discuss community-related issues.  (It generally yields many posts per day, so many subscribers set up filters in their mail clients.  You can also choose to receive posts in “digest” mode.)
  • is an “announcement-only” list, which does not accept posts, except from authorized ICHA and HRB representatives.  Residents who wish to receive announcements about community events, and other official updates from these entities, but do not want to receive posts from neighbors, can subscribe to this list instead of the primary “uhills” list.  This list is a “low-traffic” list, and will typically generate one or two messages per week.
  • Official announcements from ICHA and HRB will be sent to BOTH lists, so you do not need to subscribe to both.  (Doing so may result in receiving duplicate messages.)   Also, please note that if you “reply-all” to announcement messages, your reply will be posted to the “uhills” list (if you are a member), but will be rejected by the “uhills-announcements” list (unless you happen to be an authorized ICHA/HRB representative).

Additional lists:

There is also a list for people who want to be alerted to where the Friday Night Social Group is meeting.

Subscription management:

You can subscribe, unsubscribe, change preferences, and view list archives for any of these lists by visiting: