Your UHills home must remain your principal residence, but you may rent it out during short-term absences (up to 12 months, or up to 2 years under some circumstances), subject to the provisions of the Ground Sublease (see in particular, Section 3.07(c)).

ICHA provides the following guidelines to supplement the Ground Sublease:

Home Must Remain Principal Residence

The Owner’s home must remain his/her principal residence and ICHA may from time to time require the Owner to provide evidence of principal residency. Examples include voter registration, where children go to school, car registration, the address on tax returns or other financial dealings. Except as provided in the rental rules below, the Owner must be able to prove that he/she actually lives in the home.

Permitted Rentals

In general, Owners may enter into a lease or rental agreement of their primary residence without prior written consent of the University when meeting the following criteria:

  • The term is no longer than 12 months; and
  • When added to the term of any prior lease or rental agreement would not exceed a total of 13 months of occupancy by tenants in any 36 month period.

Exceptions for long rentals include:

  • Sabbatical or other University approved leave of up to 2 years.
  • A demonstrated inability to sell the property. The property must remain on the market during the rental period, and the rental agreement must be month to month or shorter.
  • Hardship exceptions, such as fulfillment of a military obligation, University service away from home, or the long term hospitalization of an owner. Exceptions requested on a hardship basis will be handled case by case and at the sole discretion of the University.

Permitted Tenants

Generally, rentals are permitted to University-Associated Persons as defined in Section 1.01(bb). Only after reasonable efforts have been made to find a tenant among the University-Associated population may a residence be rented to a non-University-Associated person. Except for rentals of less than 30 days, the Owner must notify ICHA of the rental, including the name of the tenant(s), the tenant’s campus affiliation, and term of the rental. Reasonable efforts include the following:

  • Personally attempting to find potential tenants among the University-Associated population.
  • Informing ICHA of the home’s upcoming availability at the earliest possible date to assist in the search for a tenant.