1. Come up with an idea, think about the approximate budget, write a proposal and contact your HRB entertainment committee at ​entertainment@uhills.org​. Copy Andrew Herndon onto the message (​andrew.herndon@icha.uci.edu​)
2. Set a date & time. Check the uhills.org calendar for existing reservations & possible conflicts (UCI events, school breaks).
3. Talk to Ron Reid (​ron.reid@icha.uci.edu​) about the reservation; either you or him should put it in the system. If the event goes on after 8 pm be sure to mention that specifically so that a Community Service Officer (CSO) can be booked in advance
4. Via the Entertainment Committee (treasurer) have the event & budget approved by the full HRB.
5. Put it on the uhills.org website (contact ​barbara.correa@icha.uci.edu​). Send it out on the listserv. Put it on Facebook (contact: Sandrine).
6. Get invoices in advance in particular if they are $400 and up. ICHA prefers to write checks in advance for these expenses. Tuesday is check writing day; so do this in advance!
7. Check with the Entertainment Committee before buying new materials. The Committee keeps cups, plates, “silverware”, leftover non-perishable food and drinks etc. in their storage cabinet.
8. Keep all of the itemized receipts (just a credit card slip is not enough). Be sure to only have items on the receipt that are relevant to the event.
9. Hand the receipts in as soon as possible after the event! Accounting prefers to have them at the latest by the end of the month that the event occurred. Make a cover page that lists the event, all your expenses, and the sum. Put the original receipts & description (e.g. “decoration”, “drinks”) in the back.
10. Find community volunteers to help you with set-up, during the event, and clean-up.
11. Remember extra trash cans/trash bags for park events! Don’t give up on trying to recycle 😉
12. Empty out all extra trash cans; use the trash/recycling facility at the Community Center for the waste.