Warning!  This page contains spoilers!  

If you are interested in solving the puzzle on your own, stop here.  

The photos and links below will give away the answer.

You have been warned.

Seriously.  Don't scroll down.

I mean it.

Last chance.

Have all the puzzle-solvers left yet?


Now that they are gone…

This year's hunt was created by HRB member Rich Haier (the 2016 TreasureMaster). He has provided the attached explanation for each clue, and we have posted (with permission) several hunt photos taken by participants. If you would like to volunteer to create a new hunt or comment on this one, please contact him at: treasuremaster@uhills.org

The HRB activities committee thanks everyone who participated in this first-ever UH-wide treasure hunt. We had over 400 individual IP addresses download the hunt information. The winner was the Kirkby family and the winners of the runner-up drawing were David and Diana Eppstein. The Kirkbys graciously provided a narrative of how they were able to solve such a challenging puzzle so quickly.  We congratulate everyone who solved the clues (or tried) and we appreciate both the positive and negative feedback we received about what we hope was an enjoyable, educational adventure. We learned some lessons about how to organize and manage this kind of activity so it’s likely we will do it again at some point and make it even better.