Contractor Company: Garden's Pulido
Contractor Phone: 714-388-9251 (Nadia, wife who speaks English) Carlos 714-278-5757
Contractor Referred By: Shari Stern
Contractor Referred By Phone: 949-922-8544
Contractor Other Info: gardening: mowing, blowing, deadheading, planting, pruning, digging, staking, fertilizing, etc.

I have used Carlos Pulido for the past 3 years as my gardener and he is excellent as he doesn’t just blow and go after a a0-minute stay.  He is reliable and willingly does all my requests each time.  He has adjusted to my yard and its gardening requirements as I have frequently changed my landscaping design and plant needs.  His English is in the learning stage but his wife often accompanies him, especially at the beginning, and she fields his text calls–she responds almost immediately.  He is a hard worker, eager to please, careful with attention to detail (doesn’t break pots, or step on plants, or incorrectly trim plants) and he is appreciative of all work that he can get.  I highly recommend him.