Contractor Company: Lavinia Cooper
Contractor Phone: 916-956-5112
Contractor Email:
Contractor Referred By: Laura Long
Contractor Referred By Phone: 949-246-3211
Contractor Other Info: Lavinia also recently helped new parents cope with the arrival of twins, handling night feedings so they could get needed sleep, and she provided in-home care to someone who had just been released from the hospital and needed someone at home to get meals and make sure meds were taken on time and appropriately.

Lavinia Cooper provides loving, attentive, responsible pet-sitting and house-sitting services. She loves animals and has experience with a variety of "critters." She lives near UniHills and can either stay in your home or come by multiple times a day to attend to animals, plants, and other needs while you are gone. She goes the extra mile to make your time away from home completely worry-free. I highly recommend her! 

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