Contractor Company: MJ Construction
Contractor Phone: 714-397-6931
Contractor Referred By: Mary Clark
Contractor Referred By Phone: 949-856-2502
Contractor Other Info: Miguel Jimenez and his crew, mostly family members, transformed our otherwise drab backyard into a lovely oasis. He did everything from the design to the construction of the patio structure, landscape, brickwork, outdoor lighting, plant selection and planting and sprinkler system. I appreciate his vision of what is possible and the fact that he used some exisiting features of our 30-plus-year-old hardscape to save on costs. He is a general contractor with over 30 years experience who does projects of all sizes. Miguel is a pleasure to work with and reasonable in his pricing. He's going to work on our fireplace next. Feel free to contact me for further information about Miguel.

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