Contractor Company: C2 Financial
Contractor License: NMLS ID # 244388 / DRE license # 01242935
Contractor Phone: 510-853-2407
Contractor Email:
Contractor Referred By: Harry Mangalam
Contractor Referred By Phone: 949-285-4487
Contractor Other Info: This is just a 'me too' recommendation of Vic as a good refi guy for Uhills, following the path of apparent least resistance. We initiated the process for a $-out 15yr refi on Oct 20 by email and were approved for the loan 28 days later (only a few days after the paperwork was submitted), with the refi completed on Dec 23 - about 2 months from the 1st email to $ deposit. Most of the delay was on our side in providing the required documentation. He got us a 3.625% 15yr loanstated (3.725% effective), better than what we expected. The simultaneous threatened self-immolation of the EU apparently helped. The process was very slick - scans replacing faxes for almost everything - and the documentation requiring signatures and initials provided by Vic in hilited PDF. Only a couple of FedExs were required. A visiting notary took care of the final signing of the loan docs in about an hour. Overall, what could easily have been a very nasty process (from a fair number of people who tried it on their own) was eased considerably by Vic's experience with lenders, the UHills area and its special ground-lease pecadillo.

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