Contractor Company: Wade Mahan
Contractor Phone: 949-419-4450
Contractor Email:
Contractor Referred By: Brandon Konda
Contractor Referred By Phone: 949-783-6081
Contractor Other Info: I highly recommend Wade for any sort of carpentry work that someone may need. He is a self-employed contractor and has experience with everything from outdoor decks and patios to crown molding and kitchen remodels. He can take care of large and small jobs. Additionally, he is a UHills resident and is very familiar with the nuances of our community. Wade is very skilled, easy to work with, attentive to detail, and extremely professional.

General carpentry, remodeling, outdoor carpentry.

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  1. Wade Mahan

    Wade just built an 8' x 14' custom bookcase for me.  He was on time and on budget and did an outstanding job.  I plan to use him for another large job this coming year.  He is a total professional that takes pride in his work.

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