Sunday, February 28, 2021
6-7:30 PM

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

With special guest, Dr. Jessica Millward, Associate Professor in the Department of History at UCI. Dr. Millward’s

research focuses on slavery in early America, African American history. Learn more about our amazing expert here.




Appropriate for ages 13 and up.

Due to the time and shipping dates, Amazon is currently the only place to purchase the book. Dover Thrift Editions are not carried at Barnes and Noble or Bookshop. You can purchase a copy through Amazon. This is a fantastic opportunity for students ages 13 & up to learn details of why Frederick Douglass’ vivid account of life under slavery because an important reference for abolitionists then and now.


From the Back Cover

Former slave, impassioned abolitionist, brilliant writer, newspaper editor, and eloquent orator whose speeches fired the abolitionist cause, Frederick Douglass (1818 1895) led an astounding life. Physical abuse, deprivation and tragedy plagued his early years, yet through sheer force of character he was able to overcome these obstacles to become a leading spokesman for his people. 

In this, the first and most frequently read of his three autobiographies, Douglass provides graphic descriptions of his childhood and horrifying experiences as a slave as well as a harrowing record of his dramatic escape to the North and eventual freedom. 

Published in 1845 to quell doubts about his origins since few slaves of that period could write the Narrative is admired today for its extraordinary passion, sensitive and vivid descriptions, and storytelling power. It belongs in the library of anyone interested in African-American history and the life of one of the country’s most courageous and influential champions of civil rights.”



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