On Thursday, June 11, the following announcement was sent to all email addresses in ICHA's official contact list of University Hills residents:

HRB is seeking input from UHills residents regarding how they use our neighborhood parks, and what they do or don't like about the available facilities and activities. There are a number of open-ended questions requesting feedback & suggestions. While we can't guarantee that every suggestion can be implemented, we CAN guarantee that they will all be read & considered, and that the results of this survey will help guide future recommendations to ICHA regarding park upgrades, policies, and planned community activities.  

All questions are optional, so if you want to answer only certain questions, or only want to weigh in on a particular park or a particular topic, that is fine.

To complete the survey, enter your household's unique invitation code [******] into a blank survey form: [http://po.st/m1KgF1].


If you did not receive such an announcement, with an invitation code unique to your household, please check with others in your home, and/or search your junk-mail folder for a message with the following subject, date, and sender:

Subject: 2015 University Hills Park Survey
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2015 

If you STILL cannot find your invitation, then please use the following form to request that ICHA update its contact information for your household and send your invitation code:


Thank you for your input!

Best regards,

Your HRB