HRB Minutes 
August 3, 2010

Attending: Jeff Beckwith, Cyril McCormick, Ginny Mumm, Sukamar Pal, Michele
Walot, Andrew Herndon, Ron Reid, Laura Stearns (guest)
Absent: Jan Fisher, Mike McNally
Website Review- Nina was unable to attend but has been very responsive in
updating suggested changes. The Community Center address will be added to
the home page. The listserv information will be on website and the procedure
for posting alerts will be clarified. Earthquake preparedness tips are being made

Community Center Updates- Reservations are secured first come, first served
when paperwork is complete. Andrew arranged a fantastic talk about mountain
lions attended by over 100 residents given by a naturalist (name?). There
will be a Rummage Sale Aug 7  (9:00 am- 1:00 pm) in the CC Parking lot. The
rules requiring private insurance for CC events has been clarified limiting
it to money making events or classes or gatherings with alcoholic drinks.
Community use events, even after hours, will have a rental fee imposed but
no insurance requirement. Ron Reid is fielding reservation questions. Andrew
is checking on whether the CC falls under the University nondiscrimination

Update on Movie Night and Campout- Deborah Shaka has arranged an Aug 21
outdoor movie E.T. in Gabrielino Park to be followed by a Campout. There
will be free popcorn and s'mores. No glass or dogs, please.
There will be kids' matinees coming at the CC. Children will have to sign in
and need adult supervision. The first movie will be for younger kids (under
6) to be followed by one appropriate for older children (4:00 pm then 6:00

September Fiesta Planning- Ann Meyerhoff is anxious to cater the fiesta with
a barbecue and either a Magical Mystery Tour or western theme. The music
may be from a group  Paperback Rider – a Beatles band. The date is
tentatively set for Saturday Sept. 25. The entire Uhills Community is

Community Development- The Dog Run grass has been refurbished. Swim lessons
have been held at the Urey pool. There will be a Classic Rock Concert at
Gabrielino Park on Aug. 27. Bring Your Own Food and Beverages. Private
reservations for the CC rooms have included book clubs, Girl Scout meetings,
a Retirement Party, and a Mommy and Me Play Group.

Community Outreach- Laura Stearns from RBS Consulting gave a presentation on
their services to facilitate community outreach efforts as neutral
outsiders. The HRB is planning  for feedback vehicles as the neighborhood
changes as housing build-out nears capacity.
Respectfully submitted,
Michele Walot