During the past few weeks we conducted a survey on dog park use, prompted by an inquiry regarding setting aside either time or space specifically for smalller dogs.

Summary plots of the survey responses, and a list of the many open-ended comments, are presented in the attached PDF.

This input will be considered by the HRB in evaluating what, if any changes, would be appropriate.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate and share their viewpoints.


From the October HRB meeting minutes:

4:45 Dog Park Survey: Results from the recent dog park survey were read and discussed; the various different views of residents were considered. The numerous comments submitted in response to our survey were extremely helpful; HRB has a much better understanding of the wide range of opinions on the matter.

On the proposal to create either a small-dog-only time, or a small-dog-only space within the dog park: we could not identify a satisfactory and workable way to either subdivide the park, or restrict allowed times of use to particular subsets of dogs. 

HRB encourages dog owners to continue being considerate and cooperative with each other.