Present: Jeff Beckwith; Jan Fisher; Michael McNally; Michele Walot; Sukumar Pal; Ginny Mumm; Andrew Herndon; Ron Reid
Absent: Cyril McCormick
Guest: Fran Hertel

Community Center Grand Opening:
A.   Saturday, June 26.  We need volunteers and ideas.
B.   The Board concurred that holding the room dedication in Charles Lave’s honor would be best served on a different date than the Grand Opening. Michael McNalley will contact Charlie’s widow and ask if she can attend an event on either July 13th or August 9th at approximately 5:00p.m.
C.   Community Center Rules:
Andrew Herndon will provide an electronic copy of the final version of the revised Community Center Rules and Reservation Procedures for the Board information.
D.   Survey Questions: Ginny and Andrew met in April regarding the survey’s target group and the survey’s focus on recreational issues.  The following items were discussed:

  • Recreation queries involving creative thought should be asked at the start of the survey.
  • Online survey software like Survey Monkey® is limited.
  • Consideration of the wording of the survey questions is extremely important.
  • A true random sample is preferable if additional questions other than recreation-based questions are to be included. Follow-up would be considered to the chosen households if they don’t answer.
  • Encourage responses to be representative of the family/household rather than just adults, particularly if children are present.
  • A request for feedback focusing on the Community Center may be a specific survey that should take place during/at the grand opening of the Community Center.

HRB & UHILLS Website:

Ginny will invite Nina Macdonald (Webmaster) to the HRB meeting in June to discuss updating the U Hills Website. Elements for possible inclusion are:

  • Identification of responsibilities in living within a Planned Community.
  • Painting guidelines/reminders.
  • Inclusion of HRB & ICHA member photos/bios for community identification
  • Encouragement of owners in the new phases to join the HRB board and invest their brain power.
  • An updated colorized map of the community and park facilities.
  • Fun Facts about Uhills; i.e., Street name bios.
  • Inclusive news.
  • Photo site of U Hills wildlife images captured by residents
  • Consider auto posting of Newsletter to all residents via sign up list

HRB Meeting Minutes:

HRB board meeting minutes should be finalized no later than the 15th of each month for Newsletter Editor and Webmaster to post and make a link available by the 1st of the following month.  

Community Architectural Developments:

The Board reviewed a painting application where work had begun prior to application approval. The resident was requested to halt the application of paint until the Board had sufficient time to research and review the situation. All parties agreed to personally review the existing conditions and to report back by email by the end of the week.

Summer 2010 – Pools

Fran Hertel representing a group of children and parents who wish to use the pools on a more regular basis, asked that the HRB to consider heating the Los Trancos pool to a higher temperature (+/- 82 degrees) in the months of May and October. She argued that water warmed to 78 degrees during these months was not sufficiently comfortable for youth and general community enjoyment during these months of the year when air temps have not yet risen. The group proposed that the Urey pool was underutilized and that heating be deferred at that facility until June. They proposed that the gas savings from not heating the Urey pool in May and October could be used to off set the increase gas use at Los Trancos. The Urey pool would continue to be heated to 78 degrees during June, July and August. The Gabrielino Pool would continue to be heated to 78 degrees May through October.

After discussion, the Board unanimously agreed to undertake the revised heating arrangements as an experiment, registering community support and dissent for planning purposes, as well as monitoring gas consumption for budgetary consideration.

Ms. Hertel was thanked for her time and concerns.

The meeting was adjourned around 6:15PM