University Hills Homeowner Representative Board Meeting, April 2, 2012

HRB members: Jeff Beckwith, Jan Fischer, Mike McNally, Julia Wan, Wendy Sanders

ICHA Representatives: Andrew Herndon, Ron Reed

Guests: Carolyn Scheer Luce, Bethany Mendenhall, Jan and Ester Scherfig

1.      HRB Elections

Community members were invited to share their concerns regarding HRB’s decision not to hold an election for four open seats on the Board.  The seats were uncontested. 

Community member Carolyn Scheer Luce spoke of her and others in the community concerns that the election was not carried out with proper notification and due process.  She stated that for most of the HRB’s history, elections were held even when seats were uncontested.  She felt that the current process (elections have not been held since 2007 because available seats were uncontested) disenfranchised the community by not allowing them to learn about the candidates and exercise their voting right.

The HRB felt community members were properly notified – the HRB is trying to move to electronic communication and the call for nominations was done via the UHills listserv and website.  (A push to get more people connected electronically is discussed in the communication section below).  However, candidates’ statements were not made available to the community. 

After discussion, four of five HRB members voted to hold a formal election. The election will take place later this month.  Ballots and candidate statements will be mailed to all households and will include voting instructions.   The HRB will also hold annual elections in the future. 

2.      Driveway Storage

The HRB received a complaint about improper storage of trashcans and other non-vehicular items by neighbors on Whistler Court.   The complaint stems from concern about neighborhood aesthetics.  ICHA Representatives have offered to apply this inspection to other areas of the community.

Section 3.03 of University Hills Property Use and Maintenance Regulations (issued to every homeowner as part of the ground sublease) states “containers may be placed in the open on any day that pick-up is to be made, in order to provide access to persons making such pick-up.  At all other times, such containers shall be screened or otherwise handled in a manner which may be set forth in the Architectural Guidelines.

Section 3.18 states that “Outside storage of personal property shall not be allowed on any Parcel or in any Structure located thereon unless screened by enclosures, fences, or other devices for which plans and specifications have been approved by the HRB.”  

The HRB asked ICHA to inspect trash can and other non-vehicular storage on Whistler Court and contact offending homeowners. 

3.      ICHA Board Meeting Report

HRB Chair, Jeff Beckwith, attended the March ICHA board meeting.  The current building phase was discussed.

4.      Community Communications

Julia Wan, HRB representative on the community communications committee, presented the committee’s recommendations for improving communication between ICHA, HRB, and the community.  She recommended that information about electronic communications (instructions on subscribing to UHills listservs and an explanation of banner usage) be included with the ballot mailing.  This information was also recommended to be provided to new homeowners upon purchase of their home.

Email communication was also discussed. ICHA does not have a complete email contact list for every household in UHills, just ones.  To electronically communicate with entire UHills community concerning important items (like elections, upcoming events, and community alerts), ICHA would need email addresses from other non UCI-affiliated household members.  The HRB will include a solicitation in the ballot mailing, asking everyone who is interested in staying informed about community events, to provide their email address.

5.      Dog Park Committee

HRB will form a Dog Park Committee to address dog-owner etiquette issues and provide recommendations to the Board.  Jan Fischer will be the HRB representative.  Interested community members are invited to join.

6.      Tennis Courts

Community members have complained about lessons being conducted at the tennis courts during peak playing times.  The HRB has previously provided guidelines to lesson instructors that allow lessons during non-peak hours.  Additionally, instructors were asked to set the timer when their lesson begins.  ICHA will continue to monitor the situation.

7.      Miscellaneous

The HRB has donated $100 to the UCI Police Department’s annual Car Show on the Green at UCI’s “Celebrate UCI” festival.  UCIPD has invited the first 50 residents of UHills (two per household max.) to join them at the car show for a free lunch, between noon and 1:00 pm, on April 21st.  Lunch will include a BBQ hot dog, chili dog, or chili cheese dog, soft drink or water, a bag of kettle corn, and a cup of Strickland’s ice cream.  To participate, residents need to show a driver license with a University Hills address to receive their coupon book at the car show.

8.      Community

Andrew gave update on community development.

Irvine Campus Housing Authority Community Development Update

Parking enforcement across the Hill continues. UCI PD has met with ICHA Management to better understand the related parking needs at several of the recreation facilities. To remain compliant with code, tickets will be issued to only public safety related infractions. California Avenue remains a no parking zone except in those area related to the University House and the Community Center. Campus P&TS will continue ticketing violators at the pool facilities. Pool users have been unable to park at the facility due to residents and students parking in the lots and then walking to campus.

Management, with the HRB’s support, continues to urge maintenance cooperation from property owners via one on one communications and through various encouragement opportunities. June 2nd has been tentatively set for the Mini-Trade Show where contractors will be on site marketing their services at the Community Center. Earth Month recycling will be offered at the same time to draw as many participants as possible to the event.

Campus Recreation is requesting the HRB’s approval of swimming lessons to include allowing University Montessori use of the Urey pool for their classes.

Community Maintenance –

On-going and completed community improvements and repairs

Work Completed:

·         ZipCar has responded to Management’s request and now positions two share vehicles at the Community Center. Use by U Hills owners is increasing as the vehicles are affordable and very convenient.

·         Additional street traffic striping has been completed across the Hill.

·         Dog Park pavement additions and turf restoration has been completed.

·         Permanent dog park rules and regulation signage have been added to the facility.

·         Reserve Studies for the Townhomes, Condos and Master areas of the community have been completed and submitted to the Finance Group for inclusion in the 2012-2013 fiscal year budgets.

·         Two changing tables were added to the public restrooms at the Community center.

·         The Owen Slopes between young and Urey and Whitman Court were replanted and refurbished.

·         NO SMOKING signage was added to all pool and spa facilities at the HRB’s request.

Work in Process:

·         Replacement of traffic control signs across the Hill continues this month.

·         The Dog Park gate assembly will be upgraded and replaced

·         A microwave cooking unit is still pending for the Community Center Lounge.


Architectural Control: The following applications were approved:

·         A Solar application on Murasaki is pending revisions

·         Two landscaping designs were approved. A third involving a major renovation was also approved.

·         Two home paintings requests were approved