August 2nd, 2016 HRB monthly Meeting Minutes


Attendance: HRB members: Steve Cauffman (Chair), Sandrine Scherson, Hobart Taylor, Richard Haier, Sabine Kunrath. ICHA: Andrew Herndon, Ron Reid

Guest: Victor Van Zandt (ICHA)


Traffic Calming

Victor presented Area 11 plans showing traffic calming features that will be implemented, and could be considered for retrofitting in other areas of University Hills.


In response to continued requests by residents and by the HRB, ICHA is commissioning two interrelated studies of traffic issues (including foot, bike, and car traffic) in the next few months.  A small task force of residents is needed to help define the scope of the studies, collect and synthesize input from the larger community, and prioritize the implementation of recommendations.


If you would be interested in serving on the University Hills Traffic Task Force (UHTTF), please email Steve Cauffman, HRB chair, at


Additional details are posted here:


Dispute Resolution

The HRB supports Rich and Brad working with ICHA to develop a written guideline clarifying the dispute resolution process employed by ICHA and the HRB within University Hills.  Due to recent turnover on the ICHA board, we propose that ICHA nominate two current board members to serve on the dispute resolution process development committee with Rich and Brad.  Once the committee has agreed on a guideline, it will be presented to HRB for consideration.


Paint Color Request

Last month, HRB reviewed an off-palette paint color request, but agreed to hold off on voting, to allow ICHA to develop an alternative set of colors with input from a consultant.  The alternative colors would expand the range of options available to all community members while also maintaining chromatic harmony. In the meantime, the owner proceeded to repaint the house without approval.  HRB considers this to render the application null and void.  HRB will review the situation with ICHA. 


Dog park proposal/request

A resident asked whether a new dog park policy can be instituted, reserving 2 nights a week (5pm to sunset) for small dogs (<30lbs). There is an "unofficial" small-dog hour at 3pm daily, but the time is not convenient for some.   The resident’s proposal (and other alternative solutions) should be discussed with other dog owners.  We will start by asking a few past HRB members for insight into past dog-park policy decisions, and work with the resident to solicit broader input.


Entertainment Committee Update

Upcoming events:

Aug 20 — The Force Awakens + campout + astronomy (Sunset, Gabrielino Community Park)

Aug 28 — BMX Demo + bike safety tips (4pm, Community Center)

Sep 15 or 17 — Harvest Moon Festival(Community Center)

Sep 16 — Ratatouille
(Sunset, Gabrielino Community Park)

October 16th —  Fall Fiesta (1pm-5pm, Gabrielino Community Park)

TBD: Halloween Movie: The Wizard of Oz (Community Center)

A Sept 1 "Smile and Say Hi" event is being planned by the Community, Safety, & Diversity (CSD) coalition. (Non-HRB event.)

Other events: Pool Grand Opening (around Oct 1), Latin Dance Night, Holiday Bazaar, Welcome Night for New Residents


Use of Pesticides and Herbicides in University Hills

Andrew explained that ICHA is an active participant in UCI's Integrated Pest Management task force, and that the task force is already engaged in reducing reliance on toxic substances, and is also engaged in discussions with NTI (Non Toxic Irvine). The HRB supports these efforts, and we are happy to learn that UCI and University Hills are also working toward similar goals.


Community Development & Other Updates

·        Web site remodeling: A survey will be sent to residents to find out what are the needs in this matter.  [Update: please visit to provide input.]

·        ICHA is planning to discuss adoption of a policy regarding AirBnB rentals in University Hills.  The City of Irvine’s current policy limits renting to >30 day periods only.

·        Grading in Area 11 will start in September or October. Andrew will send an email to the community.

·        Status of janitorial coverage at pools and parks: Andrew confirmed that janitorial service is now scheduled 3 times a week + a light crew on Saturdays and Sundays.  A sign with a phone number in case of maintenance problems will be posted at the pools. The HRB is also asking for more personal responsibility from residents: if the trash cans are full, take your trash home! 


6:30 — Adjourn