August  2015 HRB Meeting Minutes

The 8/4/2015 HRB meeting was called to order at 4 pm.  HRB members Steve Cauffman, Catherine Pugel, Jan Fisher, and Sandrine Scherson were present.  ICHA representatives Ron Reid and Andrew Herndon were present. 

Ongoing Efforts:

·         The park survey was recently closed to further responses, and a summary will be prepared.  Over 200 responses were received, including many open-ended comments and suggestions.

·         The Blossom 50% discount offer is still valid.  Residents interested in upgrading their sprinkler controller to a web-enabled smartphone-controlled weather-wise controller can still order one for $100 (normally $200) at 

·         HRB is working to organize a toilet replacement program.  We have established prices on several different options, and will be setting up an on-line signup form, to see if there is sufficient interest to obtain the largest discount.  Toilets older than 15 years are probably 3.5 gallons per flush, compared to the current standard of 1.28 gpf.  Toilets account for about 25% of indoor household water use, generally. is offering $150 rebates on eligible toilets.   (Before rebates, toilet replacements typically run $400-$600.)


Community Events:

The second movie night of the summer was "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" on July 31.  It was originally scheduled for July 18, but was rescheduled due to heavy rain on the 18th.  About 120 bags of popcorn were distributed.  The crowd was smaller than usual, since it was aimed at an older audience than our usual selections.       

Upcoming Movies in the Park:

·         Aug 14 (Friday) — Star Wars (PG) + campout

·         Sept 18 (Friday) — TBD (should be G!)

·         October 30 (Friday) — TBD (something spooky)

The annual community yard sale at the community center has been tentatively scheduled for the morning of Saturday, 9/26.  We hope to also have e-waste disposal, shredding, large-item disposal, Salvation Army drop-off, and possibly prescription drug disposal available, in addition to the neighborhood rummage sale.

Hobart Taylor and Catherine Liu have proposed hosting a Moon Cake Festival on 9/27.  HRB was supportive but requested additional details before committing.  An international film  series was also suggested.  HRB noted that the recent documentary series was very well done, and well received, and hopes that an international film series might keep the momentum going toward establishing an ongoing film club with showings throughout the year.

The Fall Fiesta at Gabrielino Park is scheduled for Sunday, October 18.

Mail Theft & Lockable Mailboxes

HRB agreed to conduct a survey on opinions regarding mail theft and interest in secure mail delivery options.                                                        


ICHA has advised the HRB that it will not enforce the HRB's recommendation (adopted at the July meeting) to suspend the teaching privileges of a tennis instructor who has been involved in several heated disputes with residents during the past several years.   Meanwhile, although the wording for new signs clarifying the tennis court rules was finalized in February, these signs still have yet to be ordered.


·         It is taking ICHA longer than expected to repair the damaged sections of the Gabrielino pool fence, which is aluminum, and requires special welding equipment.

·         ICHA is coordinating with UCIPD regarding their toys-for-tots program held each December.