The December meeting of the HRB was called to order at 4pm on Tuesday, December 2.

HRB members present were Steve Cauffman (Chair), Mike McNally, Sandrine Scherson, Michele Walot, Jan Fisher, Brad Conley and Barbara Taborek.  ICHA staff members present were Andrew Herndon and Ron Reid.

(1) A letter of complaint was received by ICHA from a resident who objects to a small free-standing clothes-drying rack that is placed on a neighbor's driveway, claiming it to be a violation of the UHills maintenance regulations.  ICHA asked HRB for a recommendation based on community standards. There is a clause in the bylaws which states that "No use of any Parcel shall be permitted which creates a nuisance or which, in the judgment of the ICHA Board or its designee, interferes with the quiet enjoyment of Home Owners residing on other Parcels or of persons using the Community Space."  Lengthy debate ensued.  Attempts were made to understand the legal definition of "quiet enjoyment".  (It doesn't mean what you might think it means.)  Prevailing standards were discussed.  In the end, a unanimous recommendation could not be agreed upon, so HRB voted, with the majority indicating that based on prevailing standards, the situation did not constitute a nuisance or warrant official intervention.    

(2) A report was received of an altercation involving adult soccer players at Gabrielino Park on Sunday 11/30. Residents described a near fistfight and a person driving away from the park at high speed after the game.  There have been previous complaints regarding this group.  HRB agreed that the group's standing reservation should be suspended, pending investigation.  [Subsequently, the group agreed to relocate their game to a different field.] 

(3) A new tennis court sign, more clearly indicating the rules regarding paid instruction, will be made as soon as we obtain the appropriate language regarding trespassing. There have been ongoing complaints that an instructor is violating the first-come, first-serve policy and intimidating residents who wish to play but are uncomfortable interrupting his unsanctioned 2-hour clinics.  A tennis survey earlier in the year indicated a general lack of support for a reservation system, and continued support for the current timer-based system, so we are updating the posted rules, but leaving the existing system largely unchanged.  The most significant adjustment is that all instructors will be required to obtain and display an ICHA-issued instructional permit. 

(4) The opening of the Pocket Park was well attended.  The popsicles and lattes were a hit.  100 coffees sold out.  150 Pops were ordered, about 125 consumed.  Residents have requested a drinking fountain, restrooms, and shade.  (Restrooms will be included across the street at the pool, eventually.)   Andrew is following up on the drinking fountain, and looking into shade structure options, ranging from (a) just adding umbrellas to the picnic tables, to (b) canvas shade over the smaller climbing structure.  In the long term, shade will increase as the surrounding trees grow taller.  Suggestions for naming the park were collected.  Additional suggestions will be solicited on the listserv.

(5) The trellis replacement at Vista Bonita Park should be finished by the end of December.

(6) The Holiday Bazaar, scheduled for Saturday, December 13th, has 28 people participating, with 25 confirmed reservations. Setup will occur on Friday night until 9pm, and start on Saturday at 8:30 am Saturday morning. The Bazaar will be open from 10-4. 

(7) Andrew suggested a Holiday Movie Night on Saturday, December 13th, at the Community Center.  An inflatable screen would be set up on the lawn.  [Later, in the week prior to the event, we decided to cancel this event due to cold & damp weather.  A new date will be chosen in the new year.]

(8) A homeowner requested permission to remove two Canary Pine trees from the community space behind his property line.  HRB proposed that one tree could be removed, at the expense of the homeowner, provided that a suitable replacement is planted in a nearby location.   

(9) The terms of Steve Cauffman, Sandrine Scherson, Mike McNally and Michele Walot are expiring.  Mike and Michele have decided not to run again. A call for HRB candidates will go out after the first of the year.  An election will be held, electronically, in February.

(10) List of Upcoming Events

Coffee on Us, Community Center, Thursday, Dec 4th, 7:30am – 9:00am

Holiday Bazaar, Saturday, Dec 13th (10am-4pm)

Trio Celeste Concert, Friday March 20th