HRB Minutes – December 6, 2016


HRB: Steve Cauffman (chair), Brad Conley, Richard Haier, Sabine Kunrath, Sandrine Scherson, Bill Schmitendorf, Hobart Taylor.

ICHA: Andrew Herndon.

4:00 – Meeting begins.

Next HRB meeting rescheduled from January 3, 2017, to January 10, 2017, to accommodate holiday schedules.

4:05 – Dog park.

HRB supports ICHA further inquiry into adding a Small Dog Park, aka “SOT” (small, old, or timid) Park, at Gabrielino Park, by enclosing an area adjacent to the existing dog park.  This appears feasible, and would not impact the existing dog park.  Andrew has specific ideas about how to accomplish this (water, lights, fences, etc.) and will report back with options and costs.

4:20 – Irvine Swim League.

We discussed the responses to the Swim Team survey and considered the pros and cons of having a neighborhood team. Residents’ biggest concerns are noise, parking, and personal inconvenience. We note that all team members would be residents.

Andrew explained adjacent street parking, using a map to estimate available spaces near the Coltrane Pool. We explored parking options during practices, and especially during meets (e.g., Community Center lot and shuttle service, if needed).  Street parking for meets should be restricted to exclude cul-de-sacs and Alturas.

HRB voted in support of the initative, and developed a number of recommendations, including:

  • A resident parent on the team's board shall be on-site for all team events at the pool; this person will be available to receive other residents’ questions, concerns, and complaints.
  • Additional janitorial services should be made available during the swim season.
  • Amplified sound, which is a part of Saturday swim meets (2 or 3 times per year), be allowed no earlier than 8:30am.

HRB recommends that the initial approval be for two years (the first of which is a “learning” year when no meets will be hosted). [For HRB's detailed recommendation and proposed conditions, drafted and approved following the meeting, see:]

4:50 – Website Logo.

Initial consideration of Uhills website redesign revealed the need for an appropriate logo—one that could be used on the website and printed on paper and other items (like fabric). HRB decided to hold a New UHills Logo contest open to the community. Prize money for finalists, winners, and honorable mentions will not exceed $200.

5:10 – “Yoga for the Movement.”

Community Center use was OK’d for Yoga for the Movement.

5:20 – Inquiry into Community Center Usage

HRB will review the written policy regarding Community Center usage (criteria for deciding whether to approve usage; who makes the decision; and how it’s decided whether to charge fees and if so, whether the resident rate applies). Andrew will report to HRB with Community Center usage statistics: how often; how much revenue; residents vs. non-residents.

5:30 – Nuisance complaint

HRB discussed a resident’s complaint about the condition of a neighbor’s property. HRB agreed with Andrew’s assessment of the situation and encouraged him to continue his efforts to resolve the issue.

5:50 – Ongoing complaints about Coltrane Pool

The 824–2424 number did not have answering service info over Thanksgiving weekend. That is Ron Reid’s phone; Ron said he fixed the problem.

Due to recent issues with over-chlorination in the Coltrane spa, Andrew has both the builder and Pool Pros checking chemical levels daily.

Pools are being heated to 78F to 80F. Heating for Urey and Gabrielino pools will continue until January 2, 2017; Coltrane and Los Trances Pools will be heated through the winter. Spas at all four pools will continue to be heated.

6:05 – Events Recap.

Treasure Hunt: There were three winners; the second part was most difficult.

The Cuban Dance Night was well-attended and well-received; altogether it was a successful event. There was no line for the food truck, yet the vendor was pleased with the business (promised $1200; sold $1500). The food was good, and attendees didn’t have to wait in long lines.

6:10 – Upcoming Events

  • Holiday Bazaar (Dec 10)
  • While it’s not an HRB-sponsored event, we note that Chris’s caroling group will be at the Bazaar on December 10, and around University Hills on 12/11 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

6:15 – HRB Elections

HRB elections are soon. We will solicit volunteers in January and hold elections in February. New terms commence at the March HRB meeting.

Members at the end of their terms: Steve, Sandrine, Hobart, Bill; members in the middle of two-year terms: Rich, Sabine, Brad.

After considering a ranked choice “instant runoff” methodology, HRB decided to keep the election process the same (4 votes per household). Elections will be announced in January. 

6:30 – Dispute Resolution Committee and Working with ICHA.

HRB’s authority on non-architectural matters is advisory. The HRB recognizes that as the de facto representative body advising ICHA on residents' behalf, it has an obligation to consider and advise ICHA on a wide variety of community matters affecting residents.  The HRB seeks to work more closely with the ICHA Board and has made several proposals to that end.  The joint ICHA/HRB dispute resolution process development committee is continuing its work in documenting the process through which disputes regarding community policies and procedures are handled. 

ICHA has proposed a joint ICHA/HRB community meeting to be held in the Spring.  Possible topics were discussed.  The HRB felt it would be appropriate to invite the ICHA Board chair and the ICHA president to the next meeting, for further discussion.

7:15 Adjourned.