HRB Meeting Minutes
Jan. 4, 2011

Attending: Jan Fisher, Jeff Beckwith, Michele Walot, Ron Reid, Andrew Herndon
Absent: Mike McNally, Sukumar Pal, Cyril McCormick, Ginny Mumm

Pools- The HRB is in support of the Dolphins’ effort to find space for summer practice at the Los Trancos pool but we are still waiting to hear about other possible alternatives. Emails have been running 3 to 1 from the listserv in favor of the team practicing at the Los Trancos pool, if acceptable times could be arranged. The current proposal is two mornings and two afternoons a week. The team schedule would be posted by March or April if there is consensus from the community and no other alternatives are available.

Questions were raised about the use of the Urey pool for the Montessori lessons and the swim lessons for Uhills kids from Crawford Hall instructors. The incremental increase in cost for heating the pool was not deemed sufficient to start charging Montessori as approximately 50% of the children taking the lessons are U hills kids..

Parking- Montessori will be asked to hire two CSOs on evenings when they hold large gatherings to monitor traffic and parking around Russell and Murasaki to avoid hazardous blocking of intersections and traffic lanes.

Ginny will write an article for the website about the numerous community events that have occurred since the Community Center opened. Her article will acknowledge the various program successes and call upon the community to “get involved” to make UH and even better community.

Community Center- The HRB approved a trial policy of allowing use of the community center by an individual other than a resident. The use would be limited to one event per month. Higher non-resident fees would be charged. The event would still need sponsorship by a resident. Examples would be a lab gathering or retirement party. No events past 10 pm.

Noise issues- Schubert Ct had a noise complaint over the holidays.

Architectural Review- A proposal for a remodel on Twain was discussed.

Andrew is investigating banners to be located at the major entrances that would advise residents of upcoming events and direct them to the website for event details and schedules. 

Nominations for new HRB members are being solicited.

Respectfully submitted,

Michele Walot