HRB Meeting Jan 5, 2016


HRB members present were Steve Cauffman, Chair, Brad Conley, Jan Fisher, Catherine Pugel, Sandrine Scherson, Barbara Taborek; ICHA members Andrew Herndon and Rod Reid.


Police Forum Recap

There was excellent attendance at both events; over100 people. Response to Dr. Song’s and Dr. Serron’s presentations was very positive. The facilitators and sub-committee worked to develop questions for the police from the input of participants in the first meeting. The new police chief, Chief Cisneros, brought several officers to hear the presentation and to introduce them to the community; he conveyed his sincere interest in working with the community. There was some frustration that there was not more time for questions; many additional ones were submitted at the second meeting. Some notable suggestions included police using more empathy/respect with people: e.g., perhaps not shining a flashlight in the detainee’s face the whole time they talking to them. Also, that an (opt-in) Uhills phone directory be made, which would facilitate communication.  The police have offered to come to HRB meetings for a few minutes to check in and encourage direct communication. The group was very receptive to this offer.

Brian Cummings lent a hanging screen that worked very well for the presentations. Such a screen would be a very useful addition to the room, although placement is a little tricky, due to late afternoon sun.


Holiday Bazaar Recap

There was a very good turnout, without the usual lull in the afternoon. There was a Sea and Sage booth this year, and they reported 160 people stopped by. New this year were sandwiches for sale by the Avocado Café , and music during the lunch time. There was a waiting list for participation.



A Homeowner has requested a reservation for the bocce court for a Special Olympics kids' team from March 6- through May, at 2 – 3:15pm on Sundays. Courts are difficult to find. It was suggested that this be listed as an event rather than a reservation, since we technically don’t take reservations on this facility, or on other fields on the weekend afternoons. Although people use the court, it wasn’t known how this might inconvenience residents. It was suggested that an A-frame sign with notice of this planned use be posted nearer to the time, to allow those who play to adjust their schedules.  Brad offered to check on usage Sunday afternoon.  [Followup:  Brad reported no-one using the bocce court when he  stopped by around 3:45 on 1/10/16.]


Architectural Reviews

The HRB approved a revised plan for a remodel on a Harvey Ct. custom home. Homeowners of a 924 house on Pauling submitted a conceptual plan for expanding the interior of the first level, and adding a balcony on the second level. The HRB reviewed the conceptual plans and made suggestions to ICHA management to convey to the owner. Exterior accent massing, size and front elevation revisions were discussed. The plans were not approved as submitted.  


HRB Election

Brad, Barb, Jan, & Katie’s terms are up at the end of February.  We usually post a call for candidates in January, and hold the election in February, with new members beginning their terms at the March meeting.  Katie plans to step down to run for the condo board, and Barbara and Jan are hoping others in the community decide to volunteer for their positions.


Upcoming Events

Sharon Burke has scheduled a presentation by Back to Natives for Wednesday, January 27th at 6:30pm. It will be informative for those interested in planting for water conservation and wildlife preservation. Sandrine will have a slide show of her wildlife photos. The HRB wants to encourage this  kind of community event, and there will be no fee for using the room; ICHA is donating 6 bottles of wine.


Hobart is unable to attend today’s meeting, but suggested that HRB purchase 5 pairs of tickets for Kei Akagi’s Jazz Performance on either February 19th or 20th and make them available to interested residents. He plans a pre-show gathering. The Board liked this idea, and Jan agreed to assist with the logistics.


Vista Bonita Playground

Brad agreed to head up a subcommittee for the planned Vista Bonita playground upgrade. The ICHA reserve report indicates that it is due for replacement or refurbishment, and nearby sycamore trees need to come out as they are infected with the boring insect.  The subcommittee will consider what aspects of the playground should be refurbished, replaced, or retained.


Locking Mailboxes

The survey conducted several months ago indicated widespread preference for allowing upgrades to lockable mailboxes, rather than full conversion of entire streets to the CBUs that are standard for new construction.  Unfortunately, it has been difficult to get clear confirmation from USPS about what solutions they will allow.  Andrew and Barbara volunteered to investigate choices and further hound postal authorities.  


Soccer Field Interlopers

A resident reported that a group of adults (nearly all of whom are not residents) who had, historically,  played pick-up soccer on Sunday afternoons at Gabrielino, had recently resumed their pattern of taking over the field in violation of posted rules.  [Followup: On Sunday 1/10, around 4pm, Brad walked by Gabrielino field, where he observed that the adult Soccer players were using the field despite clearly-posted ICHA “Field Closed” signs.  Brad asked the group of about 12 players if they lived here.  One player said he did.  Brad pointed out that they were playing on a field that was marked as being closed.  As the group left, one player explained to Brad that a specific UHills homeowner had told the group that they were OK to play, and that if that resident were there, he would explain it to Brad.]  Clearly this in no way suggests that the resident told them anything of the sort.  For background on the soccer group’s recent history, see the Dec 2014, Mar 2015, and Apr 2015 minutes.   


Miscellaneous Notes

A resident reported a dog attack on 1/2/2016 (three off-leash dogs with no owners anywhere to be seen, according to listserv post). 

Jan reported that someone slept overnight on a bench at the CC patio on Christmas Eve.

People on both sides of a recent tennis court dispute had angry reactions to the ICHA Board chairman’s letter explaining his rationale for a 120 day suspension of the tennis instructor involved.  

There was a rash of reported package thefts before Christmas. 


The meeting was adjourned at 6PM.