July 12, 2016 HRB Monthly Meeting Minutes


Attendance: HRB members: Steve Cauffman (Chair), Sandrine Scherson, Hobart Taylor, Richard Haier, Sabine Kunrath, Bill Schmitendorf, Brad Conley. ICHA: Andrew Herndon, Ron Reid.


Guests: Chief Cisneros  Officer Bob Lesage (UCI PD).


Paint Color Review


The HRB reviewed a paint color request of a resident. The Board acknowledged the need for the neighborhood to keep evolving and innovating (including introduction of new colors) while also keeping a harmonious overall impression.  Andrew informed the Board that homeowners can choose from the palette of colors available in all of University Hills (not only from their own phases). ICHA will enlist the services of a consultant to find more colors that complement the existing palette. Hopefully the new colors will inspire more neighbors to give their older homes a fresh coat of paint.  A decision on the application was tabled pending the consultant’s input.  Per maintenance regs, HRB has 45 days to render a decision.


Tree Removal Request


HRB endorses the removal of a diseased tree that ICHA maintains on a duplex property. ICHA will replace the tree with a small tree of different type agreeable to adjacent residents; if the residents wish, they may contribute funds for a bigger one.


Maintenance expectations for pools, parks, and restrooms


Lately there have been major problems with maintenance at UHills facilities—especially Gabrielino Park and the three pools. Andrew explained that one of the problems is the transition from Associated Landscaping (who walked off the job recently, without notice).


Maintenance will be increased (to up to four times per week). HRB requests of ICHA adequate recycling containers at the pools and parks.


There was a lengthy discussion about residents’ responsibility to keep premises clean and ICHA’s responsibility to maintain common areas (especially before, during, and after busy weekends and holidays). It was agreed that an appropriate response would be for ICHA, in a letter to the community, to apologize for maintenance lapses, while asking for assistance and more personal responsibility from residents.


It was noted that a fob (keyless entry) system might increase accountability, reduce proliferation of copied keys, and reduce maintenance costs.  Andrew estimated the cost of implementing a key fob system would be about $100,000.




It makes sense for ICHA & HRB to share a profile database that residents can maintain and edit (with contact info, privacy settings, communications preferences).  A new system should maintain popular features (e.g. listserv, event calendars, classifieds) and improve functionality (e.g. reservation system, maintenance requests, search, opt-in community directory, easier management of structure & content).  Steve prepared a handout to take home and think about what people would want from the website.


Trading houses (aka “move up/move down”)


Residents interested in finding move-up or move-down opportunities have encountered resistance from ICHA.  ICHA maintains a list of interested parties, but does not allow access to that list, out of privacy concerns.  HRB suggests that when people are added to the list, they probably hope to be contacted.  Andrew will look into whether access to this list can be facilitated.


The website redesign will include classifieds, which could include, among other things, desired house trades. 


ICHA has expressed willingness to facilitate swap/sales and will publish a guide explaining the process; HRB is encouraging transparency; in the meantime residents interested in exchanges will need to find each other by other means.


Entertainment committee


The entertainment committee is doing excellent work. To save meeting time, Sabine emailed a description of the first annual Ulympics, which are incorporated here:


– Turnout was great, with over 300 people participating.

– 35 volunteers (31 adults, 1 teenager, 3 kids) helped before, during, and/or after the event.

– The variety of activities attracted a great mix of people. We received a lot of enthusiastic feedback.

– The number of RSVPs matched the number of people. Thus, we had extra food because we were factoring in walk-ins.

– *Charlotte’s Web* movie night (6/24) was well-attended & well-received.


– Upcoming events: *Zootopia* movie night (7/22), *Star Wars: The Force Awakens* movie night and Campout (8/20), BMX bike demonstration & safety training – with UCI PD (8/27).


Treasure Hunt


Richard described the very successful treasure hunt he planned, including the strategy used by the winning family.


Mooncake Festival


As a means of reaching out to a more diverse population in the community, hosting a Harvest Moon festival was proposed.  There was discussion about encouraging residents to share their cultural festivities and traditions.


UCI PD Update


Chief Cisneros updated HRB on UCI PD:


– UCI PD hired a business manager and a new administrative director. These two hires will relieve officers of administrative duties.

– Kids from Extended Day visited the UCI police station on a field trip.

– The department finished DOJ Procedural Justice training; they are the first campus PD to complete the training.

– UCI PD is willing to participate in “restorative justice” if all parties will be at the table. They suggest working with OC Human Relations (Rusty Kennedy).

– Two new officers were hired: one is a new recruit; the other comes from UCSD PD, where he served for 9 years. UCI PD now has 38 officers.

– UCI PD will be at the August 27 BMX event; bike police might show up.

– UCI PD is now at 100% (up from 55%) coverage at UCI Medical Center (Orange).


Meeting Adjourned