June 2015 HRB Meeting Minutes

The June meeting was held at 4pm on June 2 in the ICHA boardroom.  Steve, Barb, Sandrine, Katy, Brad, Hobart, Andrew, and Ron were present.

Baseball Day Recap

On May 10, participants had a fun time at a pre-game get-together at the Community Center, followed by a shuttle ride to the baseball field.  Neighborhood kids participated in the player introduction ceremonies on the field before the game.  The number of initial RSVPs slightly exceeded the number of available tickets, but then a few families cancelled, making it possible to accommodate all who RSVPd.  The shuttle had a maximum capacity of 29 passengers.  We had 28 residents accept tickets & a spot on the shuttle, but then there were six no-shows. 

HRB hopes to organize similar outings to other events, such as New Swan, Claire Trevor, or art openings.  Future events may be offered at a discount, rather than for free, to discourage no-shows. 

Residents interested in organizing an event or an outing are encouraged to contact us — we reimburse expenses for community events!

Recycling Day Recap

Recycling Day was a success.  Mulch was available after all, and went quickly.  The event is so popular that we plan to hold another in the fall. 

Summer Movie Series

HRB members each assigned scores to various titles suggested last month.    Top selections include Star Wars (Episode IV), Wall E, Monty Python & the Holy Grail,  Minions Movie (if available), Mr. Bean, How to Train Your Dragon 2, and Life of Pi.  Dates are still being finalized, but are TENTATIVELY: Friday June  26 [Monty Python], Saturday July 18 [Wall-E], Friday August 14 (Star Wars + Campout Night), Friday September 18 (Minions or Mr. Bean, depending on availability).   The August campout night aligns with a new moon, so if the clouds stay away, it could be a nice night for stargazing.

The last film in Catherine Liu’s documentary series will be screened on 6/13 at 7pm at the Community Center (Watermark (2013)).  HRB appreciates her efforts in organizing this series, and hopes film buffs in the community will step forward to keep the momentum going.

UCI Blood Drive

UCI Medical Center is planning a blood drive over the summer at the Campus Town Center.  HRB agreed to help spread the word to residents once details are set.

Park Survey

A draft of the UHills Park Survey has been prepared, and was approved for distribution.  Steve will work with Victor on sending out the e-mail invitation to all addresses in the ICHA contact database.  Household invitation codes will be used to ensure that participation is limited to residents.

Smart Watering Controller Offer

The sign-up system is working, and an announcement regarding the Blossom Smart Watering Controller will soon be sent out to all residents.


We still await the long-promised tennis court signage, wording for which was finalized months ago.

The conversion of the Las Lomas common area landscaping to reclaimed water is complete.  The lower Schubert common area conversion is in progress.  Once complete, all UHills common area landscaping will be irrigated with reclaimed water. 

The infestation of local trees by the polyphagous shot hole borer and the associated fungus continues to be a concern.  Many trees in our parks show signs of infestation and may be lost.