HRB members: Jeff Beckwith, Jan Fischer, Julia Wan, Wendy Sanders

ICHA Representatives: Andrew Herndon, Ron Reed

Guests:  Jan Scherfig, Teresa Bewley

1.      Old Business

Trashcans have been properly stored on Whistler Court in response to letters sent to offending owners.  However, HRB has received a complaint about improper storage of trashcans on Alcott. The complaint stems from concern about neighborhood aesthetics.  As a reminder:

Section 3.03 of University Hills Property Use and Maintenance Regulations (issued to every homeowner as part of the ground sublease) states “containers may be placed in the open on any day that pick-up is to be made, in order to provide access to persons making such pick-up.  At all other times, such containers shall be screened or otherwise handled in a manner which may be set forth in the Architectural Guidelines.

Section 3.18 states that “Outside storage of personal property shall not be allowed on any Parcel or in any Structure located thereon unless screened by enclosures, fences, or other devices for which plans and specifications have been approved by the HRB.”  

The HRB asked ICHA to inspect trash can storage on Alcott and contact offending homeowners. 

2.      Blood Donation

Teresa Bewley, from UCI on-campus Blood Donor Center, visited the HRB to request help getting the word out about the Center.  The on-campus Blood Donor Center provides over 1000 units of blood/month to the UCI Hospital.  During the summer, when student donations are low, the Center is looking for help from the UHills community.  The Blood Donor Center is located at the UCI Student Center.  There is free parking (with appointment) in the nearby parking structure and each donor family will receive 2 free tickets to an Angels baseball game.  The HRB requested that Andrew work with Teresa in setting up communications with the webmaster and the listserv.

3.      Dog Park Committee

Jan Fisher, HRB representative on the Dog Park Committee reported that signage at the dog park is being revised and will be put up shortly.  HRB requests that ICHA send a letter to a dog owner whose dog has been involved in biting incidents.  The letter will request the owner refrain from visiting the dog park.

4.      Entertainment Committee

Wendy Sanders, a member on the Entertainment Committee reported that the Spring into Summer event on June 2nd was successful with an estimated 200 plus people attending the dance/pizza/movie event.   The next events are the community garage sale and a swing band concert on June 23, 2012.  The garage sale is from 9:00 a.m. until noon and the swing band concert is from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m.  The next Lounge Chair Movies in the Park have been scheduled for July 14th, August 10th and September 7th at the Gabrielino Community Park.  Movie titles will be posted at the website.5.      Community Communications


Julia Wan, HRB representative on the Community Communications Committee, presented the committee’s recommendations for improving communication between ICHA, HRB, and the community.  She recommended that ICHA investigate ways to bring wireless to the Community Center (separate from the existing UCI account access).  There have been complaints from community members about the UHills website ease-of-use.  The Committee will look into having a focus group provide recommendations on site improvements.


6.      Swimming Pool Issues


HRB discussed summer pool demand.  A few residents have complained about the number of swim lessons being held during prime lap times.  The HRB agreed to the following courtesy:

o   Swim lanes are to be shared among all in the community.  No one group has priority.  Additionally more than one swimmer can use a lane at a time.

UHills swim instructors cannot use the community pools to instruct non-UHills clients.  Parents may retain their own instructors for private lessons.

Private instructors may not teach non-UHills students in the UHills pools.

o   To keep lane lines in good working condition, parents should keep their children from playing on the lane lines.

  • Additionally, the HRB voted against a request for the installation of sunscreen dispensers at the swimming pools.  The HRB felt that parents should select sunscreens for their children because of possible allergies to ingredients in the sunscreens.

7.      Tennis Courts

HRB has received another query about the high demand for the tennis courts.  HRB requests that ICHA consider additional tennis courts when future land plans are developed.

8.      No Parking Signs

New No Parking signs were installed throughout the community.  Some replace old signs and several new signs were installed at locations in keeping with the Orange County Fire Authority ingress and egress requirements.

9.      Community

Andrew provided an update on community development operations.  See attached.


Community Development Update

The June 2nd Contractor Mini Trade Show and combined electronic waste recycling ,document shredding and large item throw-a-way event generated between 300 and 400 resident visitors to over 35 contractor displays at the Community Center. Both resident and contractor feedback suggested that many connections we made. The HRB and ICHA efforts were focused on stimulating resident maintenance and repair on their homes and property. A complete 40 cubic yard bin was filled with trash as was a modest sized panel truck filled with electronic waste. Document shredding generated over 1500 pounds of recyclable materials.

Saturday evening offered an equally successful event with the Spring into Summer kids “Let’s Just Dance” program and Lounge Chair Theater Movies in the Parks program. 300 attended and made quick work of pizza and popcorn all sponsored by the HRB. The HRB will be sponsoring three additional movies throughout the summer.

Management will preview the DRAFT 2012-2013 Fiscal Year Operations Budget with the HRB at their early June meeting.

The HRB is sponsoring a “Summer in the Parks” concert series and will be kicking this program off on June 23 with the Laguna Swing Band.

The Community Wide Garage Sale will be held on June 23 from 9-12 Noon.

Free garden mulch generated from the U Hills landscaping program will be offered to the community in the latter part of June.

Community Maintenance –

On-going and completed community improvements and repairs

Work Completed:

In May, weathered and missing traffic control signs across the Hill were replaced and several new signs were installed in conjunction with Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) ingress and egress requirements. STOP sign legends and bars were refreshed in the month of April.

Both condo associations’ fiscal year budgets have been approved and mailed to the communities.

Artichoke removal was completed across the Area 10 undeveloped land at the request of the Office of Campus Planning and Sustainability. Management’s removal did not use herbicides taking into consideration both environmental and resident concerns with use of chemicals in and around the community.

At the HRB’s request, Management has purchased a audio amplifier and ping pong table for use at the Community Center.

Security video camera upgrades have been completed at the ICHA office and Community Center courtyard area.

Work in Progress:

Fuel Modification clearing is in process around the perimeter of the community in conjunction with OCFA safety requirements and will be completed by mid-June.

The Dog Park entrance revisions will be completed by the end of June.

Sidewalk extensions and decorative fence modifications at the old ICHA Office will be completed in June

Management is working with the Schubert Court Condo Board of Directors to replace their Community Address Directories and all 72 garage doors.

Architectural Control:

·         A patio cover was approved in Area 8.

·         Two Solar panels installations were approved in Area 8

·         A room extension is under consideration in Area 6

·         Two painting applications have been approved

·         A first and second story room and garage extension in Area 8 is under consideration.