June 7, 2016 HRB Monthly Meeting Minutes
Attendance: HRB members: Steve Cauffman (Chair), Sandrine Scherson, Hobart Taylor, Richard Haier, Sabine Kunrath, Bill Schmitendorf, Brad Conley. ICHA: Andrew Herndon, Victor Van Zandt.
Guests: Lara Grady, (ICHA); Chief Cisneros, Acting Captain Reiss, Sergeant Acuna (UCI PD).
Meeting began about 4:05, immediately after conclusion of entertainment committee meeting.
ICHA Budget Update for 2016-2017 (Lara Grady)
Overview and highlights of the 2016-2017 ICHA draft budget; comparison to last year’s approved budget; detail budget by cost center; budgeted reserve expenditures; reserve funding remains very healthy. Operating budget mailed to residents mid-June.
Construction Update (Victor Van Zandt)
Area 11 pool will be complete in late September or October. Grading for Area 11 will start in August.  [revised to late Sept, as of date minutes are posted].
Entertainment Committee Update
Cuban Salsa Night was a big success. The only problem was long lines for food; in the future, events like this could support additional food trucks.   
Over 300 people attended the Inside Out movie night; feedback was excellent.
A small but enthusiastic group attended the official opening of the Open Preserve on May 25.
Major summer Ulympics event set for July 3. It will include a 5K and other runs, sports, games, snacks, and fun with other members of the UHills community.
Other upcoming events: BMX Demo/Bike Safety w/ UCIPD (August 28); and Fall Fiesta (October 16). Upcoming movie nights at Gabrielino Park: Zootopia (July 22); Star Wars – The Force Awakens & Campout (August 20); Ratatouille (September 16).
ICHA Update from Andrew
Mary Watson-Bruce (Gerontology) is interested in conducting interviews/focus groups with UHills residents.
Both ICHA and HRB website upgrades are under consideration.
Beginning in August, two HRB members (Chair plus one) may attend ICHA board meetings. ICHA board members (in addition to Andrew) have been encouraged to attend HRB board meetings.
Tree removal Issue
A resident made repeated and specific complaints about allegedly sick and inappropriate tree, and, unsatisfied with ICHA’s response, asked for HRB’s assistance. Andrew gave reasons why the tree should stay (street theme; cost to remove or replace); HRB members expressed tentative support for the resident’s argument. It was decided that HRB members would make their own observations and decide what action to take next.
Andrew explains landscaping services change
Associated Landscaping walked off the job, leaving ICHA to find new landscape services for UHills. ICHA hired O’Connell Landscaping to replace Associated Landscaping. They will start work at 8:00 AM Monday to Friday. They have newer, more efficient mowers and machines; Andrew expects residents to like the new service—but there may be some adjustment pains.
UCI Police Update
Chief Cisneros was told that residents were surprised and upset about citations for parking in bike lanes by Gabrielino Park—something that hasn’t been enforced in the past. Because of liability concerns, Cisneros said he might have to continue issuing citations. As a possible solution, Andrew might remove some bike lane striping and replacing it with "sharrow" markings, which would allow legal parking (e.g., along Gabrielino, on the park side) while also indicating that the road is meant to be shared with bikes.
Possible ways that Los Trancos apartment parking can be used for lower pool overflow parking were considered.
There were several BB gun incidents: 3 or 4 were reported to the listserv; only one was reported to the police.
A new reflector A-frame has been placed at the intersection of California & Twain to encourage people to stop at the stop signs.
June 13 from 9:00 to 10:30 at the Community Center is a ceremony for new UCI police officers; members of the community are encouraged to attend these events. 83% of UCI police officers are college graduates; 25% are graduates of UCI. 
UCI police are receiving “Procedural Justice” (COPS) Dept. of Justice training on July 7; they will be among the first departments in the nation to receive this training.
UCI PD is very supportive of volunteers assisting with community policing (a program like VIPS).
The police have hired a business manager; they are interviewing for administrative director; the position of assistant chief is vacant.
Lt. Frisbee (UCI PD) and Sandrine (HRB) will organize the BMX event.
6:30 — Meeting Adjourn