Present: Jeff Beckwith; Jan Fisher; Sukumar Pal; Ginny Mumm; Andrew Herndon and Ron Reid

Absent: Cyril McCormick, Michael McNally; Michele Walot

Guest: Victor Van-Zandt, Director of Construction

The HRB Chair asks that Uhills residents consider improving our community by volunteering your time on the HRB.  There will be at least 3 openings on the Board this year. HRB members serve a two-year term and meet once a month for approximately 90 minutes.

The Medical Center asked for priority scheduling ahead of UHills for AT&T booster stations. These small units will be placed on streetlights.

The school of Biology will be re-introducing native plant communities by overseeding the Ecological Preserve with native seeds because non-native invasive plants (such as Jerusalem Artichoke and Mustard) have rapidly replaced native grasses thus altering animal and bird habitats.  Re-establishing native plant communities would benefit birds like the Wren bird, which nests in native cacti.


Architectural Review

o   Two architectural submittals were approved

o   One landscaping submittal for tree removal was approved

o   One request for a solar panel was approved. 


The ICHA Faculty Housing recently received CEPC Planning & Environmental Committee approval to build 49 single-family homes in Area 10.  This approval is consistent with the UCI LRDP reviewed by the HRB in 2010. Grading will begin within the next 60 days. Occupancy is anticipated to begin by the summer of 2012. The 950 series family homes will be constructed Southeast of the Community Center and adjacent to Bonita Canyon Drive.

Sewer and storm drains to the box channel across Bonita Canyon will be coordinated with the City of Irvine. Weed abatement is in process on the common perimeter slopes near the corner of Gabrielino and California.  A 12-foot wide public sidewalk and landscaping improvement along Gabrielino Avenue is anticipated to commence after weed abatement on the common slopes is completed in the next 60-90 days. 

Area 10 will have LEED green building certification. The LEED green building certification program encourages adoption of sustainable green building and development practices by recognizing projects that implement strategies for better environmental and health performance.


ABOUT THE Irvine Swim League requirements for pools 

ICHA continues working with the campus on pedestrian links to Bonita Canyon and a perimeter campus trail system. Should you have any questions, please contact either Victor Van Zandt-Director of Construction 824-4827 or Andrew Herndon –Vice President of Community Development/ICHA 824-4068 for additional information.

Community Center Plaza Improvements

Landscaping & furniture alternatives for the Community Center Plaza renovation were reviewed.

Upcoming Community Center Events

o   The second annual Flea Market will be held at the Community Center on Earth Day.  Please contact __ICHA 824-2424_________ to reserve a spot.

o   Banners announcing events in Uhils are being reviewed.  The purpose of the banners is to encourage Uhills residents to visit to learn about upcoming Community events will be posted around the perimeter of Uhills