Tuesday, March 6, 2012

University Hills Community Center

Board Members Present:  Michele Walot, Sukumar Pal, Jeff Beckwith, Lesley Danziger, Jan Fisher, Mike McNally, Wendy Sanders, Julia Wan

ICHA Representatives: Andrew Herndon, Vice President of Community Management, ICHA. Ron Reid. Community Manager, ICHA

Annual Elections/Welcome New Board Members

•       After a call for nominations to the community, Wendy Sanders and Julia Wan are replacing outgoing Board Members Michele Walot and Sukumar Pal on the HRB.  The HRB thanked Michele and Sukumar for their service to the community.  Both representatives were seated for multiple terms and volunteered many hours for the benefit of the community. Andrew presented Sukumar and Michele with farewell gifts on behalf of ICHA.

•       Jeff Beckwith and Jan Fisher were elected co-Chairs and will share the position for the next two years.

•       Board members are elected for two year positions

       Lesley, Jeff, Jan and Mike will be up for reelection in 2013

Improving Communication


The Board discussed a variety of ways to improve communication, including the following:

•       reestablishing “A” frame boards or bulletin boards at the center of street intersections to announce major community events.

•       setting up priority levels on the listserv so community members would see important communication from HRB such as information about upcoming events.

•       establishing a calendar of annual community events on the HRB community website


HRB will work with Nina Macdonald, the Webmaster, to determine ways to improve electronic communication, including creating an annual calendar on the website, improving HRB listserv communication, and creating electronic community surveys.

Upcoming Events

•       A Mini-Contractor Trade Show is planned for late April/May

Andrew will notify the community of an upcoming Mini-Tradeshow event to assist residents

Effort will be made to invite specific types of contractors that residents feel may play an important role in home care but there is        no guarantee that all proposed vendors will participate.

·        Residents should contact  HRB members to suggest UCI or other local musicians (especially those who will perform for minimal fee!)

·        HRB discussed the need to create a Community  Events Committee

Community Development

(See ICHA Community Development Update below for details)

Community  Center


·        The board approved a request from the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute to hold a Fall Festival. The HRB asked that Management request OLLI to invite all UH residents to the program.

·        HRB approved a request for use of the community center for a Silent Auction by the nonprofit Peace of Mind organization run by University High School students and parents (many living in University Hills). The organization’s mission is to better the lives of pediatric cancer patients. University Hills residents will be invited.


·        Given the increased number of requests for use of the Community Center, the Board will review the existing Community Center Use Guidelines at the April board meeting. Currently, one non-resident group per month may use the Community Center at the non-resident rate.

Cars ticketed for parking in bicycle lanes

·        Recently, UCIPD has ticketed vehicles parked in the bike lanes, particularly those adjacent to Gabrielino Park, Vista Bonita Park, Owen (by the tennis courts) and California (close to the Chancellor’s house)

·        Andrew presented a proposed street striping plan that would modify select bicycle lane sections adjacent to park and recreation amenities. These are known as Sharrows (Shared Lane Pavement Markings).

·        In the light of safety issues raised during the meeting, HRB requested additional input from the Police Department regarding Sharrows, and further exploration by ICHA of alternative solutions to this parking issue. 

·        Andrew will provide an update at the April HRB meeting.

The next HRB Meeting will take place April 2, 2012 at 4:00 p.m. in the Community Center Board Room.  All University Hills residents are welcome to attend.

ICHA Community Development Update

March 2012

Two new members of the community, Julia Wan and Wendy Sanders have joined the HRB. Jeff Beckwith and Virginia Mumm (incumbents) have agreeing to serve for another two year term. Special thanks are extended to retiring Board members Michelle Walot and Sukamar Pal for their extensive service to the U Hills community. Both representatives were seated for multiple terms and volunteered countless hours for the benefit of the community.

The SCE Irvine Smart Grid Demonstration Program continues with positive support. Management, SCE representatives and the City of Irvine building officials met to review the program at the SCE demonstration facility in Costa Mesa, and to discuss architectural improvement control.

Parking enforcement at the lower pool and other street areas across the Hill is underway. Campus P&TS will be ticketing violators at all facilities. Pool users have been unable to park at the facility due to residents and students parking in the lots and then walking to campus.

Management’s ongoing call for homeowner’s attention to landscaping and building maintenance is going well. This will be an ongoing endeavor, but has already brought about new landscaping installations, fresh coats of paint, attention to general maintenance and refreshed improvements to many buildings and yards.

Community Events

Organization of the mini trade show, which will focus on building and grounds maintenance continues. Raffle gifts provided by the contractors will encourage attendance.

An Oak Grove native tree planting as well as electronic waste recycling, personal document shredding/recycling and oversize item clean-up/disposal is being planned to support “Earth Day” in May. Free landscape mulch will be available as well. Management is negotiating with IRWD to provide a “Water Audit” representative to help residents’ better conserve water through irrigation updates and home improvements.

Community Maintenance 

On-going and completed community improvements and repairs

Work Completed:

Tree pruning has been completed. Over 1000 trees were serviced. Additionally, no reported damages or issues arose from the windy conditions over the last six months.

ICHA, with the support of the HRB, has completed the Community Center courtyard upgrades. The decomposed granite and tree enhanced court has been modified with added pavement and green and gold landscaping, along with comfortable outdoor furniture and accent boulders. A poll will be taken via the U Hills website to determine a suitable improvement for the center island.

A significant number of intersection STOP bars and stencils have been repainted across the Hill.

New energy efficient and dimmable florescent ceiling can-lights were added to the Community Center Lounge to facilitate evening events.

A new section of sidewalk was added across the northern frontage of the Gabrielino apartments.

Work in Process:

Dog Park pavement and turf restoration is nearly complete.

Annual landscape grass clearing is nearing completion.

The recently constructed stone pillars identifying the pools and parks will be modified

  to carry the facility address for emergency medical response.

Traffic control signs across the Hill are being replaced this month.

The Dog Park gate assembly will be upgraded and replaced. Permanent signage will also

  be added to the facility.

Modifications to select areas of bicycle lanes on Vista Bonita, California Ave, Owen Drive  and Gabrielino Drive are being reviewed by the HRB, UCIPD and the Campus Planning  office to afford safe bike use and the need to offer curbside parking adjacent to recreation  park areas.

Reserve studies for the Master Areas, Townhomes, Condo I and Condo I facilities are  underway as support for the 2012/2013 fiscal year budget updates.

A microwave cooking unit is being purchased and will be installed in the Community  Center Lounge.

Estimates are being prepared for the installation of an IPod Dock for the large Community  Center room.

Architectural Control:

The following applications were approved:

Solar application

Window and door replacement

Single family entryway remodel

2 landscape installations

Home repainting