The May 6th meeting of the HRB was called to order at 4pm. Present were Michele Walot, Sandrine Scherson, Mike McNally, Brad Conley, Barbara Taborek and Jan Fisher, who has graciously agreed to rejoin the Board after a one-year hiatus. Also present were ICHA members Andrew Herndon and Ron Reid.

Review of April Events

The Easter Egg Hunt was a great success; organized by Laurie Green and many parent volunteers, 150-175 children enjoyed finding 1600 eggs.  The HRB noted its appreciation for Laurie’s efforts in organizing this event on her own initiative, and hopes to encourage other community members who may wish to take the lead in organizing such events in the future.

The concert at the University Club, Trio Celeste, was attended by 105 people. The program was about an hour, and everyone experienced sublime music in an intimate setting. Sandrine Scherson and Andrew Herndon contracted for a cocktail hour, with hors d’oeuvres and one beer or wine prepaid per adult ICHA donated 10 bottles of wine which reduced the charges at the bar.  Many people expressed an interest in another concert next year.

Montessori decided not to offer swim lessons this summer at the Urey pool.  As in previous years, the ARC will offer small group lessons to UHills residents at the Urey pool.

Block Party request

A homeowner researched the City of Irvine regulations regarding the closing of streets for a private party event before approaching the HRB for approval of a wedding reception on Hypatia Court. Most concerns were already taken into consideration, including obtaining approval of affected neighbors, fire truck access concerns, and parking. The community will require indemnification statements/insurance riders, and the hiring of UCI Parking and Transportation security attendants. The HRB advised that a “no alcohol beyond this point” sign be put on the barricade, and that obstruction of Pauling be avoided.

BBQ concerns

Saturday, May 3rd, the gas line was turned off on one side of the bbqs at the lower pool, due to an underground gas leak. That left only 2 bbqs on the other side available for a party that reserved the area. These were found to be dirty and garbage was overflowing from the garbage cans. Homeowners using the facilities are reminded that they are responsible for removing overflow garbage, and that the grills should be left clean. The grill brushes keep disappearing, and may need to be secured.  Starting May 1, the parks will be cleaned Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday morning.

Upcoming events

Andrew was able to reserve the movie Frozen for June 27th movie night. The Lego Movie will be shown on July 25th, and Brave on the August 22nd movie and campout. We hope to have a return of the telescopes by the astronomy graduate students, and the coffee truck the next morning.

Wednesday, May 14th from 6:00pm-8pm, Southern California Edison and Southern California Gas will offer a sustainability workshop. After a presentation, attendees will break out into working groups with topics such as how to reduce one’s carbon footprint.

Saturday, May 24th , is the Garage Sale at the Community Center parking lot and green space from 8:30am-12:00pm. Spots will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis through Ron Reid, at ICHA.

 A Salvation Army truck will come for any donations at the end. Cars will be allowed to drop off, but must be moved from the area by start time.

Saturday, June 21st, is the Recycling and the Summer Solstice Event at the Community Center. Residents may bring their electronic waste for recycling, documents for shredding, oversize objects to throw away and donations for the Salvation Army truck.

The Summer Solstice event from 10am – 4pm at the Community Center will feature art and music. Last year, 4 musicians were paid to play for an hour or so each at @$300. Sandrine and Barbara will call the UCI Music Department as well as other leads to find musicians with a variety of music styles. Celtic music, bluegrass, folk would be good background music.

Work in Progress

Four street lights needed to be pulled down due to rust. Ballard and Walkway lights will be replaced with LEDs, starting above Vista Bonita and tennis courts.

The Los Trancos wading pool and Jacuzzi will be closed for replastering; the pool will remain open. Also the Gabrielino spa will be replastered. Andrew reported that a new heater was added at the Gabrielino pool; we’ll be looking into solar panels for heating the Gabrielino pool because there is enough sun there. Usually the square footage of solar panels equals the square footage of the pool.

A new filter was added at the Urey pool.

The showers at the lower pool have 28 year old stucco, which needs to be replaced, as does the instahot water. The paseos leading down to campus past the  Los Trancos  apartments are getting new concrete. The beehive along there was taken before sunrise (lowered into a box with screens) and transported to Silverado Canyon.

New Home Lottery

The lottery for homes was held by ICHA on April 23. Of 51 eligible applicants, 40 applied for the new homes.  25 out of 32 homes currently under construction in area 10-3 were in the drawing.  21 buyers were offered their first choice of floor plan.  3 buyers accepted their 2nd choice, and 1 buyer accepted his 3rd choice of floorplan.  5 applicants passed on the home they were offered.  7 backups remain on a waitlist for cancellations.  Those who were were not offered a home in the lottery, or declined the home they were offered, will remain on the waitlist for resale homes in the highest priority category.

Children’s Art Classes

The teacher who presently gives University Hills children two hour art lessons on three days of the week, has requested time in the Community Center for a summer camp which would be 4 hours a day on 4-5 days. He requested two months. The HRB decided that a one month camp wouldn’t monopolize the Center too much; perhaps an additional month will be subject to student interest and availability. The class size is limited to 6 children, and he gives 20% of his fees to ICHA.

Online Reservation System

Ron Reid spends an inordinate amount of his time calling people about reservation requests made online for times that conflict with scheduled walk-in times for the Community Center Social Center. The website doesn’t automatically reject such requests.  HRB proposes to add the walk-in times to the online reservation calendar (currently, from 9-2pm weekdays, and 10-3pm on weekends).