October 4, 2016 HRB Monthly Meeting Minutes


Attendance. HRB: Steve Cauffman (Chair), Richard Haier, Sabine Kunrath, Sandrine Scherson, Bill Schmitendorf, Hobart Taylor, BradConley. ICHA: Andrew Herndon.


4:00 Summary of recent events: the Newcomers’ Open House (about 35 new residents attended); the Mooncake festival (about 300 people attended); and Ratatouille movie night at the park (about 120 people at start, dwindled to about 60 by the end).


4:15 Sabine – Entertainment Committee report.


Annual Fall Fiesta, the biggest event of the year, is October 16 at Gabrielino Park. This year’s motto is: “We have the whole world in our hills.” There will be several booths, including: ICHA; HRB; UHills Traffic Task Force; Community, Safety & Diversity Working Group.


The Halloween movie, Wizard of Oz, is on Saturday, October 29.


The new Area 10 Pool grand opening is November 6. Brunch will be served from 11:00 to 1:00; the pool will be staffed with lifeguards from the ARC.


4:25 HRB allocates $500 to print 1,000 of the UHills brochures Hobart designed.


4:30 HRB discussed inappropriate and/or inaccurate language used by UCI PD in written communications. Since they haven’t attended the last several HRB meetings, HRB will invite UCI PD to the next HRB meeting.


4:40 There was discussion about political signs on common and/or public property in UHills; it was decided that political signs in the neighborhood are OK for now, but that ICHA could take action (i.e., remove signs) if warranted.


4:45 Dog Park Survey: Results from the recent dog park survey were read and discussed; the various different views of residents were considered. The numerous comments submitted in response to our survey were extremely helpful; HRB has a much better understanding of the wide range of opinions on the matter.


On the proposal to create either a small-dog-only time, or a small-dog-only space within the dog park: we could not identify a satisfactory and workable way to either subdivide the park, or restrict allowed times of use to particular subsets of dogs. 


HRB encourages dog owners to continue being considerate and cooperative with each other. 


5:15 Andrew gave a PowerPoint presentation on short-term rentals (Air BnB). 


ICHA is inclined to follow the City of Irvine, which allows one rental (for however many days) per 31 days; ICHA seeks to balance homeowner rights vs. community interests. HRB concurs with ICHA’s approach, but strongly encouraged ICHA to seek residents’ input.


5:55 – Color consultant info; already another house has been painted with the colors from the new expanded palette.


6:00 – Dispute resolution; ICHA appointed two new members to the nascent committee.


6:05 – Discussion of whether a shortcut path could be made from California Ave. to the new areas.


6:15 – Andrew said UHills is large enough that it may make sense to have a dedicated place & structure for landscape vehicles, mulch, and other large items.