HRB Meeting Minutes (September 2, 2014)

The meeting was called to order at 4pm. In attendance were HRB members Steve Cauffman (Chair), Brad Conley, Michele Walot, Jan Fisher, Mike McNally, Sandrine Scherson, Barbara Taborek, ICHA members Andrew Herndon and Ron Reid. Two resident tennis players and a tennis instructor attended portions of the meeting.

Tennis Court Usage Discussion

HRB invited several residents who had submitted written complaints to attend and discuss problems with tennis court use. 

A rather lengthy summary of the discussion is posted as an appendix to these minutes, as a courtesy for those who might feel forced to read it against their will if it were included here, in-line.

Ultimately, HRB decided that before making any changes, we should seek broader feedback about the existing system.  A neighborhood-wide survey will solicit feedback from a larger number of tennis players about their experiences, and about ways they think it could be improved.

Recent Community Events

The Coffee On Us on August 20th was well attended by UHills residents who were treated to coffee and light breakfast snacks as well as the hospitality of ICHA and HRB members. Victor Van Zandt put up the maps of the new construction and answered questions. 

The last outdoor movie of the summer was held on August 22nd.  It included a campfire and campout following the movie. The Astronomy students were going to set up their telescopes for star gazing, but clouds rolled in.

The Girl Scouts under the supervision of Tammy Smecker-Hane again passed out popcorn, and Chris Hane stepped in to supervise the campfire. The HRB regrets that an announcement wasn’t made in advance clarifying the need for participants to bring their own supplies and equipment for S’mores.  The Coffee stand served more than 100 drinks between 7 – 9 am Saturday morning.


Upcoming Events

Fall Fiesta on Sunday, October 12th

Day of the Dead/Halloween post-party, Saturday, Nov 1st

Holiday Bazaar, Saturday, Dec 13th

Trio Celeste Concert, Friday March 20th

Andrew suggested some activities we may want to schedule: A blood drive; a series of Police Department brown bag presentations on various topics like Emergency Preparation, Neighborhood Watch; and maybe a CPR class.

Problems in the Preserve

The UCI department of Ecology is trying to raise money for signage to remind people that the Preserve is an active study area.

A pile of trash was left in the Preserve, as well as evidence of smoking and fire-burning. Dogs off leash continue to be a problem, and dog feces threaten the ecology.

Residents are reminded that even the unpaved, un-manicured areas surrounding us are still subject to the federal, state, and local laws (including those regarding leashes, dog poop, and arson).

Townhome Name Game

We received 75 suggestions for naming the new Area 10-4 apartment complex.  A ranked list of the top 30 entries has been provided to ICHA, for their further deliberations. There is no guarantee that the HRB top choice will be their top choice, or that they will even use a name from our list. But we are glad they asked the community for suggestions.

Still, we are giving out some prizes for the top entries, whether they end up being chosen by ICHA, or not!

The grand prize winner is "Artemisia", submitted by K. Johnson, who explains, "Artemisia is a large plant genus that includes Artemisia californica, a key species within the coastal sage scrub plant community that dominates (or once dominated?) Orange County." She will receive a 2015 Wildlife of University Hills Calendar, featuring fantastic photos by our resident nature photographer, Sandrine Scherson.

Additional information about runners-up, funniest entries, and a link to a list of the top 30 finalists, can be found in this news posting on the website.