September  2015 HRB Meeting Minutes

The 9/1/2015 HRB meeting was called to order at 4 pm.  HRB members Steve Cauffman, Catherine Pugel, Jan Fisher, Sandrine Scherson, Barbara Taborek, and Brad Conley were present.  ICHA representatives Ron Reid and Andrew Herndon were present. 

Ongoing Efforts:

·         Steve presented preliminary results of the Park survey, and highlighted some recurring suggestions and complaints. The Board will review the responses and highlight additional opportunities for improvements.

·         The Mailbox survey has been set up and tested, and will be distributed soon.  

·         The toilet replacement program details are being worked out with Parzival Plumbing.  We hope to get it launched soon. 

Community Events:

Star Wars movie night/campout-in-the-park (8/14/2015) was a success.  Many hundreds attended, all ages; popcorn ran out quickly.  Thank you to the Scouts who helped distribute.  The crowd was very happy.  There wasn’t a fire, per fire department policy due to dry conditions.  Graduate students from Astronomy brought telescopes and the skies were clear. 30-40 tents were set up for the overnight. The coffee lady served 125 cups of coffee & hot chocolate from 7-8:45 am when she ran out.

The September movie in the park (9/18) will be Alexander and the Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day.

The Recycling + Rummage Sale (9/26) will include a police sponsored prescription drug disposal along with e-waste, shredding, big-item-discard, and a Salvation Army truck.  Andrew will email the Graduate Student Housing office to advertise in the grad student community.                                                                 

A request for HRB financing and free use of the Community Center for a Harvest Moon Festival celebration on 9/27 was not approved, due to questions about planned enticements and whether the appeal would be sufficiently broad.

The Fall Fiesta (10/18) will have the Hal Moore band, hamster balls, food by Tacos & Co., two kegs of beer, bounce houses, face painting, balloons, popcorn, popsicles… We’ll try to organize group games and crafts.

The Halloween Movie Night (Friday 10/30)  titles that have been suggested are:

          * Monsters, Inc.   * Monsters University    *Monsters vs. Aliens      * Fantasia


ICHA was asked again to move forward with updating the tennis court signs per language that was developed last year and finalized in February, in order to clarify rules regarding instruction, which have been a source of confusion for many. 

ICHA reported that the instructor and the resident who were involved in a heated confrontation in June had encountered each other on the courts more recently, without incident.  The majority of HRB members stand by their July recommendation on that matter, but recognize that HRB's role in such matters is strictly advisory.  HRB thus considers its role in addressing that incident concluded.


There's a group of adult men that comes to play every Sunday afternoon (without a reservation) on the Gabrielino Park field.  A complaint was received that they don’t appear to have residents in the proper proportion.  (Walk-on use is technically still subject to minimum requirements for resident participation.)   

Architectural Plans

Carport on Harvey Ct:   The Board reviewed preliminary sketches and renderings for two different options.  It was decided that a wall with a gate would be preferred, to hide garbage cans and other items that might be stored in the carport.                                                        

Paint color complaint onMcClintock:  The immediate neighbors had approved the color, and ICHA had approved the application.  A neighbor has objected.  Members of the board noted that the appearance changes with the time of day, and that it does appear brighter at 1pm than at 4pm. The front of the house seems almost grey, but the back seems to pick up more light and is more violet.  It was decided that ICHA's approval of the color had been reasonable, and that the home need not be re-painted.  The color will likely fade with time, as well. 

Several other remodeling plans that ICHA had recently approved were presented for informational purposes.


The Gabrielino pool fence is still broken (first reported on June 22).  It’s aluminum and must be sent out for welding.  Andrew is looking into alternative methods of repair.

Some of the new homes in phase 10-2 are now occupied.  Most will be occupied by the end of October.

An unveiling ceremony for Parker Vista (the new lookout point on the hill above California Avenue, near the "Slight Tap On Pedal" sign at Twain) will be 10/13.  Bill Parker was very instrumental in creating University Hills, and without his persistent efforts, it wouldn’t have happened.  Due to space constraints, attendance will be by invitation only.  After the unveiling, the vista will be open for public enjoyment, and pedestrians will be able to use the new walking path.