September 6, 2016 HRB Meeting Minutes

Attendance. HRB: Steve Cauffman (Chair), Richard Haier, Sabine Kunrath, Bill Schmitendorf, Sandrine Scherson, Brad Conley, ICHA: Andrew Herndon.

4:00 — Meeting brought to order

4:05 — Traffic

Andrew informed the board that asphalt repairs, slurry, and striping will be done this year. Since the UHills roads will be re-striped, this is a good opportunity to consider changes based on traffic study, changing bike lanes, etc.

The “traffic task force” will be a joint ICHA/HRB committee. It will be comprised of consultants + 10 resident-voluteers. So that residents know who’s representing them, publishing volunteers’ contact info will be considered.

4:05 — UHills Website

Brief website planning update. The website will include things that years ago would have been in a community newsletter. The website will include classifieds, including house trades.

4:25 — Dispute Resolution Committee

No news from the dispute resolution committee. The committee is waiting for the new ICHA board to indicate whether they want to go forward with joint ICHA/HRB dispute resolution.

4:28 — Entertainment Committee

There will be a first-ever New Residents Welcome event on 9/12 at 7:00 PM. 

The Mid-Autumn Festival (Mooncake) is resident-organized, which is very good from the busy entertainment committee’s perspective.

Upcoming events:

9/12 Newcomers’ Open House, 7 to 9 pm (3 current HRB and 4 former HRB members)

9/15 Mid-Autumn Festival 7 to 9 pm Traditional mooncakes & drinks; music; storytime.

9/16 Last Movie in the Park, 7:45 pm: Ratatouille

10/16 Fall Fiesta 1 – 5 pm: Whole world in our Hills with Bounce Houses (adequate signage, no paid supervision); Hamster Ball; Bean Bag Toss & Rope Toss, Balloon-tying; face-painting; Food ( Tacos, Hamburger, Hot Dogs, Pizza); Coffee Cart; beer; Popcorn, fruitbars; Jazz Music; Raptor show (not confirmed yet); IRWD; Barclay Theater booth (introduction of their discount program for Uhills via, Salsa Demo, Back to Natives; Hula Hoop; City of Irvine (Activity Guide & City offer presentation); UCI PD; Emergency Preparedness Group from UCI, Fire Safety; Counseling Services; Yoga/Bootcamp, Art class person, ARC; Tennis Mike & Matt; Animal Services, UCI Health; Uhills Playgroups. UCI 0 waste bins delivery & removal desired.

10/29 Halloween Movie (Wizard of Oz; Potluck for Cookies/Muffins/Cakes to share; the scout will use the opportunity for their food drive)

11/5 (tentative) Pool Opening Party. 

11/19 (tentative) Latina Night with Band, Food Truck 

12/10 Holiday Bazaar (Sandrine). Set-up 12/09.

4:30 — Dog Park Survey

After receiving a resident inquiry about formal times for small dogs at the park, Steve conducted a Dog Park Survey via Google Forms. Over 160 responses were submitted. The issue was discussed briefly, and tabled for discussion at next month’s meeting after the survey results are reviewed and considered.

4:40 — Andrew’s (ICHA’s) updates

Andrew told us about how chlorine and other maintenance keeps the UHills pools safe and clean.

We discussed concerns about rodents and poison. Andrew says ICHA now uses the least toxic poison; he says “snap traps” are best. Right now there are about 300 rodent control units in UHills. Andrew says bait must be used to make a dent in the rodent population. ICHA uses oil (not poison) around BBQ (where ants are the biggest problem).

There haven’t been bobcat sightings in UHills in recent months. There has been no evidence of “secondary poisoning.”

Andrew is going to post to the Listserv about some items: rats, pool, maintenance news, other news.

5:00 — Andrew’s (ICHA’s) updates

The new pool will be open soon—probably early November. HRB requested that the pool opening not be delayed for a grand opening ceremony; the pool will be open when ready, with a grand opening ceremony shortly thereafter..

The pool has the capacity to serve as a home pool for a UHills Irvine Swim League team, if desired.

5:10 — Andrew’s (ICHA’s) updates

House painting.

HRB approved the Harvey Ct. painting (which was done after the paint colors were submitted for approval, but before the paint colors were considered. In the meantime, ICHA hired a color consultant. The HRB agreed to support Andrew asking for the resident to pay some money for the consultant, since the consultant was hired in large part because of the Harvey Ct. request.

HRB voted to not approve a Murasaki Street paint color application because the red color was too far outside the existing color scheme.

A Virgil St. resident submitted plans for a backyard two-story addition. HRB suggested that the homeowner to go back to the designer to see whether the plan could be made more harmonious.

5:40 — ICHA Meetings

HRB discussed residents’ questions and concerns about ICHA—specifically its communications with HRB and with residents. Andrew explained that ICHA meeting minutes are now published, and that two HRB members (HRB chair plus one other member) attend ICHA meetings. HRB discussed ways in which ICHA and HRB can work together—in serving the interests of the UHills community.

The HRB asked for an update on the presentation made to the ICHA Board by a resident regarding aspects of how ICHA operates (see ICHA minutes from Jan 13, 2016); Andrew reported there were ongoing discussions but no updates at this time.

5:55 — UHills Entertainment Committee Facebook Page

The University Hills Entertainment Committee has a Facebook page. Residents are encouraged to join.

6:00 — Meeting adjourned.