Jan Fisher, Ginny Mumm, Julia Wan, Mike McNally, Lesley Danziger, Michele Walot, Jeffrey Beckwith, Andrew Herndon, Ron Reid attending.

The ballots for the HRB election will be sent out this month and are due to be returned to ICHA by 5:00 p.m. on February 28, 2013.  The ballots will include candidate statements.  Candidates for the four open seats are: Jan Fisher, Mike McNally, Michele Walot, Sandrine Scherson, and Steve Coffman.  Those elected will be seated at the March 5, 2013 HRB meeting.

The entertainment committee has updated the calendar of events.  The following events will take place:  a Valentine’s Day party on February 14; ICHA’s Coffee on Us on Wednesday, March 20; an Easter egg hunt on Saturday, March 23, a Passover dinner on Tuesday, March 26; the annual recycling day on Saturday, April 27; the annual garage sale on Saturday, May 18; the vendor’s mini-trade show on Saturday, June 8; and a summer solstice event on Friday, June 21. The Fall Fiesta will be held on Saturday, September 21 or 28.  The Halloween party will be held on Saturday, October 26 and Santa Claus will visit on Saturday, December 21.  Exact times for these events will be posted on the listserv and website as the date approaches.  The HRB will also schedule four movies in the park during the summer.

The swimming pool committee met and requested the opportunity to provide input on another community pool.  The committee suggested that ICHA look at pools at some of the newer communities in Irvine and Tustin for design ideas.  Signs will be posted at the pools limiting showers to five minutes.  The Los Trancos and Gabrielino pools will be heated this winter as long as the budget allows.

Victor Van Zandt presented demographics on University Hills to the HRB.  40% of the households have children age 18 or younger.  The average of children per household is 2.1.  The average age of the homeowner is 55.  The current total population is 2,800.  Victor and Jane Laning will present the proposed plans for area 10+ at the CPEC meeting later this month.

A survey for new community amenities is in the planning process.  This will come to the HRB after the ICHA board has reviewed it.  ICHA hopes to have the survey ready within two months.

A resident came to the HRB with complaints about outside use of the soccer field and individuals making reservations in their own names, but allowing others to use their reserved times.  ICHA will audit the reservation system.  Signs will be placed at points around the field saying that it is a private field for residents only.  ICHA will look at having the CSO’s (Community Safety Officers) check the field on weekends.  If you know someone is using the field that does not reside in University Hills, please call the campus police at 824-5223.

A complaint was received regarding a fence added without review of the HRB.  The board will request the owner to move the fence behind shrubbery on his property until the hedge fills in at which time the temporary fencing will be removed.