Community Center

Members Present: Michele Walot (Chair), Jeff Beckwith, Lesley Danziger

Andrew Herndon, Vice President of Community Management, ICHA

Ron Reid. Community Manager, ICHA

Guest: Ken Chew – Chair, ICHA


Santa Claus Event 

Jeff Beckwith reported that the Santa Claus event was very successful. As Santa Claus, he gave out 52 packets of coloring books and presents. Residents contributed baked goods. Two children played piano. A University High School  A Capella group performed high came and sang

Holiday Bazaar.

This event was also very successful. The lead coordinator was out of area but others stepped up. Rancho students raised money to build a library and money was also raised for a nonprofit organization working in Uganda. Members discussed the idea of expanding the bazaar to bring in UCI students as exhibitors and customers.

Request for New Yoga Class

A resident had requested permission to offer a new yoga class in addition to the yoga class already offered but with alternate days and times.  After some discussion, the class was approved.  Lola Hatha Yoga began January 9 and the schedule is posted on the university hills website.

Thank You from Friday Night Social Club

Jutta Heckhauser thanked HRB  for extending Friday night social club hour – Fridays 6:30-9:00

Upcoming Events

Concert in the Park Series will begin April or May and occur once a month for approximately four months

Members of the community are encouraged to contact HRB  members to recommend groups or individuals to perform for the   series or for the Friday night social hours.       

Discussion on Improving Communication 

The board discussed improving communication with the community as the community grows larger: 

·        The board made a commitment to ensure that the Agenda for meetings and the Minutes for meetings are regularly posted on the HRB website. 

·        The chair will post an email to the list serv with a link to the minutes of each HRB board meeting

·        The HRB web site will also clearly state that meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month at 4:00 p.m. in the Community Center and that all community members are invited to attend.

·        The Chair or designated attending HRB member will report to the Board monthly on ICHA meeting activities.  The Chair or a designated HRB member is invited to attend monthly ICHA Board meetings.

·        The board will discuss reintroducing boards as well as flags to alert university hills residents to significant annual events.  Locked bulletin boards will also be used.

·        HRB will work with ICHA to create an open house where specialty contractors – such as roofers, heating and air-conditioning contractors –  will be available to community members for advice, concerns, possible job requests.

Update of Area 10

The first home was framed on January 3.  The paseo extension out to Bonita Canyon is being constructed. The lottery took place on Thursday, January 5 at the Community Center

Community Development Report

·        Andrew reviewed the extension of Oak Grove planting and plans to infill a couple of areas.

·         Earth Day will occur in early April or May

·        Smart Grid is making good progress.  A meeting is planned between SCE and City of Irvine to discuss architectural modifications to exterior of buildings with solar additions

·        Stone pillars are being completed in front of the parks and pools.  Emergency personnel now know locations of each main community area.

·        Tree pruning will occur between now and end of February. The management program thins and laces on a routine basis to prevent trees and limbs falling.  In the recent high winds, university hills did not suffer any tree loss or accidents from falling limbs.

·        Construction for the courtyard upgrade

·        More comfortable seating is being created in the Community Center courtyard area. 

·        The administrative support staff is working on the reserve budgets with representatives from the town homes and condominiums. 


Call for HRB nominations:

Three board members have terms expiring this year:  Ginny Mumm, Jeff Beckwith and Michele Walot.

·        Any interested university hills resident is invited to submit a nomination for the board.

·        The term of appointment is two years and it is a renewable term.

Members of the community should talk with board members and/or consider attending a board meeting if they wish to find out more about HRB.

The Next HRB Meeting will take place February 7, 2012 at 4:00 p.m. in the Community Center.  All University Hills residents are welcome to attend.