University Hills Community Center, 4:00 p.m.

HRB Members Present-Michele Walot, Chair,Ginny Mumm,Michael McNally,Jan Fisher,Jeff Beckwith,Lesley Danziger

Absent: Sukumar Pal

Andrew Herndon, Vice President of Community Management, ICHA

Ron Reid. Community Manager, ICHA


  • Some residents reported hearing fireworks in the community July 4.

The committee reviewed the suggestion to post on the web site thatany and all fireworks are illegal in Irvine and send an email reminding University Hills residents prior to July 4, 2012

  • Damage to lamp posts amounting to about six thousand dollars by teenagers with skateboards may result in taller lamp posts
  • Restrooms finished in Vista Bonita Park
  • No further news on deceased visitor found in Upper Pool
  • SCE still working on ground lease violations

Community Center Events

  • Grad Party – very successful
  • Garage Sale- huge success, maybe again in Fall, twice a year
  • Movie Night- great hit, 200-250 people.

Many thanks to Deborah Shaka for organizing Movie Night!

Upcoming Events

  • Next Movie Night: July 29: How to Train Your Dragon
  • August Camp-Out in process of being organized
  • Fiesta in the Fall- volunteers needed to help, ideas for games, apparatuses, band

Request from Registrar of Voters

The Registrar of Voters was so impressed with the efficiency and positive nature of the University Hills public voting process that the organization would like to use the Community Center to create a training film on how to locate and run an effective voting registration. Talks are ongoing

Proposed Room Addition Follow-Up

Resident will appeal to ICHA regarding HRB decision not to recommend against a proposed room addition

Pool Swimming Lessons

Resident complained about private lessons in University Hills swimming pools. The resident included a variety of issues regarding the following: keys loaned to outside residents for private instruction; outside children being included in instructional groups; certification of instructors; liability issues; and payment for use of facilities including tennis courts and swimming pools for instructional purposes.

Discussion- Preliminary discussion centered on these issues, in particular insurance liability, payment for use of facilities and what constituted formal group instruction. Increasingly, formal group instruction is being offered to residents of University Hills. University Hills has a current process for renting and utilizing the Community Center for group instruction but HRB recognizes the need to have a clear and consistent policy for formal group instruction occurring in any of the facilities, including tennis courts and swimming pool. This discussion will be continued at the next meeting.

Area 10 update

The ground work for Area 10 is almost completed

An additional swimming pool is being considered for a future Area 10 phase.

Dog Park Dog Training Sessions

Tim Burg is interested in offering dog training classes

He will be invited to give an information session for all interested residents

The meeting ended at 6:00 p.m. Next meeting August 2, 4:00 p.m. Community Center