HRB Minutes October 2012

Present: Ron Reid, Wendy Sanders, Ginny Mumm, Jan Fisher, Julia Wan, Mike McNally, Michele Walot, Andrew Herndon, and Jeff Beckwith.

The Fall Fiesta was attended by approximately 2,000 people over a three hour period.  This year’s event included roast corn, Mexican food, pizza, fruit bars, and a coffee cart.  Water was available as well.  Children enjoyed running in inflatable balls, bounce houses, dancing, face painting, balloon art, and more. A DJ with varietal music and a dance instructor added to the day’s success.

There will be no haunted house this year.  Luke Cantrella and Christine Hegel who did the design and production the previous two years have moved to New York.  The HRB was unable to obtain assistance from anyone in the theater department to take over.  A Halloween party will be held on Saturday, October 27 at the community center from 7-9.  Two short films, Mr. Toad and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow will be shown.  There will be a costume parade and 9 prizes will be awarded in three categories.  Snacks and beverages will be served.  We will have coffee set up for the parents.

Santa Claus will visit the community center on Saturday, December 16 from 7-9 p.m.  We will have gifts for children, cookies and juice, and coffee for the adults.  We hope to have the a capella group from University High School perform and have two students playing holiday music on the piano.

A New Year’s Eve party is being planned for the community.  We will have more details at the next meeting for the community.

Requests for two memorials honoring residents in the community were turned over to ICHA for further consideration.  The HRB supports the two requests with input from the families.

Lara Grady, Vice President, Financial Operations of ICHA spoke to the HRB about her position.  Ms. Grady develops all the budgets used by ICHA and is an accountant.  Jane Laning will speak to the HRB in November, followed by Victor Van Zandt in December.  The board asked Lara to include information on E-statement opportunities and direct billing in the next statements.  She will work with Andrew to add sign up information on the website and the listserv.

A request for the AYSO to use the community center for an event to honor their student referees was approved by the HRB.  Many of the student referees reside in University Hills.

ICHA and the HRB will host a meet and greet coffee event at the community center in the near future.  This will allow residents to drop by and ask questions of the HRB and ICHA.

A new trellis for the garden park will be designed.  The current trellis has extensive termite damage and needs to be replaced.  Additionally, new water play equipment in the sandbox area is being considered for the Gabrielino Park.

A resident who had a dog banned from the dog park appealed the decision to the HRB.  The HRB upheld the ban.  The resident is able to appeal this ban to the ICHA Board of Trustees.

A formal complaint was filed about a resident whose driveway has been filled with tables, chairs, planters, etc.  ICHA will contact the resident on behalf of the HRB and request they clean the driveway.

The HRB endorses posting Harry’s Law (Rules of the Road for Bicycle Use and Safety Tips) on the homepage.  The HRB appreciates all the work Harry Mangalam does on behalf of children and adult bikers in University Hills.

The HRB reminds residents that dogs are not permitted inside the community center.  When family events are held at the center, dogs should be left at home.

A swimming pool committee has been formed by the HRB.  The first meeting will be on October 10 at the community center.

Community Development

Community Update

·         Despite the were warm weather, the HRB community wide Fall Fiesta, held on September 16th  was a roaring success with over 1500 resident attendees. Music and dance entertainment, bounce houses and human spheres, balloons, an espresso coffee bar, fresh grilled corn on the cob, tacos, pizza and fresh fruit desert bars were enjoyed by all. Management has received a number of thank you salutes from participants acknowledging that this year’s event was the best to date.


·         The City of Irvine Recreation Department “Lounge Chair Theater” outdoor movie screening on September 7th of “The Secret Garden” was well attended by approximate 250 residents. This was the fourth “Movie in the Park” hosted by the HRB. All total, approximately 1000 individuals attended the four monthly events June through September.

·         Management responded to a campus wide water emergency that directly impacted an 8” U Hills domestic water distribution valve configuration. A spike in campus water pressure dislodged an 8” domestic water valve gasket. The subsequent shut down disclosed that the adjoining valve was malfunctioning after 25 years of service and also needed replacement. As a consequence of this finding, a preventative review of other dated valve components is under consideration to safeguard the Hill from future issues.

·         Management and the HRB will be coordinating a Halloween event for the children of U Hills. A party or possibly a haunted house is under consideration.

Community Maintenance

·         Work Completed:

o   A landscaped privacy screen was installed to separate the Los Trancos Tot Lot from the Los Lomas 2019 building.

o   Gabrielino Community Park amenities were “spruced” up in time for the Fall Fiesta.

o    Additional light fixtures along the main paseo system are being replaced and will include an antenna system to support the SCE ISGD Smart Home program.

o   Lighting in the community Center Courtyard has been revised to support an added video camera that safeguards the new furniture and court amenities.

·         Work in Progress:

o   Various summer landscape restoration projects continue to include modifications to the Heritage Orange Grove at the Community Center, accent highlights at the main paseo at the Engineering Quad crossing, accents surrounding the Gabrielino pool and miscellaneous tree installations.

o   The Reserve Program painting of trellises on Mistral Lane, Vista Bonita Park, Agave Park and all three pool trellis, fences and building structures will take place in October now that the summer high use period is over.

o   Proposals for trellis replacements at the Garden Park are in process. Management will  seek HRB approval prior to implementation.

o   Backflow valve (water safety devices)

o    inspections are in progress and will be forwarded to the Irvine Ranch Water District before the end of the month.

o   A Gabrielino Community Park play structure is under review for the sand box area that includes a small water feature amenity. HRB to approve.

o   Proposal for garage doors for both the Whitman and Schubert condos are under study with installation possibly between October and December of this year.

o   Management is arranging second story deck replacement proposals and inspection services for the Whitman Condos. In light of the number of decks, restoration is anticipated to take place over a number of months.

Architectural Control

·         One window replacement was approved  for a Whitman Ct. condo – Phase 4

·         Two new landscape installation have been approved  in Area 10-1

·         One exterior house painting was approved – Phase 1