Minutes  HRB Meeting

Community Center

June 7, 2011, 4:00 p.m.


HRB Members Present:

lle (Michele Walot, Chair, Ginny Mumm, Michael McNally, Jan Fisher, Sukumar Pal, Jeff Beckwith, Lesley Danziger

ICHA Representatives:

Andrew Herndon, Vice President of Community Management: Ron Reid. Community Manager


Community Center Update

Graduation Party: 

            The HRB reaffirmed that it would stick to its previous two votes that the planned 2011 Graduation Party did not qualify for a variance.  However, the members applauded the intention of the group of parents planning this party. The board recommended that a committee be formed to present a formalized plan to create a community graduation party that would meet University Hills guidelines for subsequent years. 

Rummage Sale: 

            The University Hills Rummage Sale will be held June 18.  Information regarding this event will be posted on the University Hills website.

Laundry Complaint

            There have been several ongoing complaints about a resident hanging laundry in the front yard.  The HRB and ICHA has notified the resident in question several times to request that personal laundry should be not be hung in the front of residences.  University Hills guidelines are not currently specific about whether laundry should be allowed to hang in the front or back of residences.  However, the board recommends individual residents that it is in the interests of the entire community not to have further codified regulations, but rather to respond to requests made by the board on behalf of their neighbors. 


Proposed room addition

            The board reviewed a request from a resident to review a room addition planned by their neighbor.  The resident is concerned that the room addition will not be in harmony with existing structures and will deprive his home of light and view.  Unfortunately, the architectural guidelines address a resident’s vista perspective as it extends outward with the property lines from the house and not laterally.  However, in the interests of neighborly cooperation, the HRB will recommend that the neighbor consider reducing the angle of the proposed room addition roofline.  Such a recommendation is not legally binding. 


Summer Events

            Movie Nights:  The first movie night of the summer is planned for June 24 at Gabrielino Community Park. Back To the Future will be presented on an inflated movie screen at dusk. Residents should check the web site for information.

            Summer Concerts:  These were very successful community events last summer.  The board is planning another series of concerts for this coming summer, commencing in July. 


Community Development Reports

            Area 10 Update: A storm drain is being installed for the next development in University Hills, Area 10.  The board requested that it be kept informed of the planning process for this and future developments.

            Vista Bonita Park Restroom:  The restroom will be completed by the end of June.

            One-Time Reservations for Park Field Space:  Board members requested that the web site allow residents to reserve the Park Field Space on a one-time basis for a maximum of a two hour use period.


Swimming Pools

·      There have been complaints about non-residents using the swimming pools.  ICHA is reviewing the cost of rekeying the pools. 

·      ICHA is researching video surveillance of the pools for safety purposes.

·      After complaints from residents about noise in the pools after hours, particularly in the summer months, the HRB/ICHA is researching sweeping of the pools by UCI Police CSO Officers close to closing time to remind residents that the pool will be closing. 

·      A competitive sized swimming pool is in the plans for a future university hills development

·      A pool subcommittee is being formed.


The meeting ended at 6:00 p.m.