University Hills Homeowner Representative Board

University Hills Community Center

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

HRB Members Present:  Jeff Beckwith (Chair) Lesley Danziger, Jan Fisher, Mike McNally, Wendy Sanders

ICHA Representatives:  Andrew Herndon, Ron Reid

Old Business

1.     ICHA Board Meeting  – Julia Wan:

Area 10 construction is on track.  The ICHA Board has adopted a conflict of interest policy to comply with state law.  Victor Van Zandt reported that area 9 homes use about 50% less energy than the older homes in University Hills.  Julia has suggested that the HRB study doing energy audits in the community.

2.  Dog Lovers Group– Jan Fisher

The newly formed Dog Lovers Group met on April 11, 2012. The group was formed to promote a safe, respectable, and friendly environment for dog owners and those who do not own dogs.  The emphasis is to inform everyone about existing Irvine laws and to reinforce to all dog owners that they must maintain control of their dogs at all times. 

The group made the following recommendations:

·         At a minimum, post Irvine Municipal Codes/laws pertaining to reporting dog bites and leashes at the dog park and other visible locations:

a)     Submit April 11, 2012, email from Kim Cherney, Irvine Animal Services Supervisor to the HRB.

b)     Inform ICHA that Irvine law applies to dog bites and suggest that ICHA seek legal advice. 

·         Revise dog run rules:

a)     Add Sec. 4-5-308 to the rules and leave as stated without editing.

b)     Add Brian Cummings’ name and email address for questions or complaints.

c)      Allow the HRB to review the new draft of the rules before posting at the “Indy Run”.

·         Advise the community that  May 20-26 is Dog Bite Prevention week:

a)     An Irvine Animal Services officer will give a brief overview of bite reports and prevention on Wed. May 23 in the early evening in the Community Center

b)     Hold free classes to teach children how to approach dogs

c)      Provide free information to first time dog owners.


Action Item

HRB voted in support of the Dog Lovers Group Recommendations with minor revisions.   

In addition

HRB recommends the current sign be replaced to correct errors. However,  HRB recommended against including a resident’s name on permanent signs in Uhills.

HRB requested a copy of ICHA notification to resident regarding dog bites.

3. Whistler Court Update

ICHA has received complaints regarding residents leaving garbage cans in front of their homes, garages, and at the street.

Action Item

ICHA will notify residents to place  trashcans in appropriate areas, citing the Property Use and Maintenance Regulations and cc  the HRB .>

4. Status of Elections

Today was the last day of the elections.  Approximately 70 people voted.

Based on the votes received three people will have two-year terms:  Julia Wan, Jeff Beckwith, and Ginny Mumm. One candidate will have one-year term:  Wendy Sanders.

The next HRB elections will be held Spring 2013

New Business

1. Entertainment Committee

Wendy Sanders and Debra Shaka will be working with the City of Irvine/SWANK Productions to offer Lounge Chair Theater with family movies in the Community Center and parks.  They will work with Julia Wan on the Entertainment Committee.  Other members will be solicited.

Community cooking classes

HRB voted to continue offering the cooking classes, which have been very successful

Second yoga class

HRB voted not to support a request for a second six-week session of a new yoga class which did not meet minimum participation requirements

2. June 2 Home Enhancement Day/Household Recycling and Clean Up, June 2

The Uhills community is invited to attend on June 2.  There will be opportunities for resident to shred private papers, dispose of electronic waste, and throw away large items in a 40 cubic yard bin. These activities will be held in the parking lot of the Community Center. A mini Contractors Trade Show will take place at the same time indoors.  A wide range of home enhancements will be available to discuss estimates, procedures for repair, replace and expand household components in need or refurbishment and replacement.  Raffled gift prizes will be offered throughout the 3 hour show.

3.  Uhills Garage Sale: June 23

HRB voted to hold its annual garage sale on June 23. 

Andrew will be sending out information regarding the sale.     

ICHA Community Development Update

May 2012

Saturday June 2nd has been selected for the Community Contractor Mini Trade Show and will be combined with the Community Maintenance Day.  Free document shredding, electronic waste disposal and oversized item throw-a-way will occur at the Community Center. Raffle gifts will be provided by the contractors and HRB to attractive as many community participants as possible. Management will solicit input from the community and post a list of committed contractor participants.

At the ICHA Board of Directors Meeting in April, Director of Planning and Construction Victor Van Zandt presented a PowerPoint presentation onthe Green Point Rated (GPR) System for the new home construction in Area 10. UCOP requiredICHA to build the homes to meet or exceed the LEED Silver rating, or the equivalent standardunder a comparable alternate rating system. Management elected to use the GPR rating systemsince it lends itself to residential development and the California Building Code; and the GPRscore of 90 points was identified by UCOP and UCI as that equivalent. The Area 10 project is currentlyanticipated to score over 130 points.A discussion followed regarding the current State building code target for 2020 that all new homes must be Net Zero Energy Homes. ICHA management will continue to employ strategies and technologies that incrementally increase home efficiency with each successive project.

The Draft U Hills 2012-2013 Fiscal Year Budget will be reviewed with the ICHA Board of Directors at their May meeting. There is an anticipated $3/ household increase in dues anticipated. ICHA’s VP of Finance will be available to meet with the HRB in June for further discussion.

At the May HRB meeting, Management will be coordinating with the HRB on:

·         Establishing a community committee for Lounge Chair Theater Movie Selections and related events for the summer and a call for volunteers.

·         Discussion on private contractor use of Community Center facilities and related minimum participation requirements.

·         Confirmation on recreation use restrictions for various facilities (Tennis Courts and Gabrielino Community Park field).

·         Confirmation of a date for the community wide garage sale.

·         Establishing the formation of an Entertainment Committee for the Concert in the Parks and a call to the community for volunteers.

Community Maintenance –

On-going and completed community improvements and repairs

Work Completed:

The HRB has established a Dog Lovers Advisory Committee to assist with dog related issues on the Hill. A number of related issues will be reviewed by the committee with recommendations to be passed to the HRB and ICHA as needed.

A second dog training class has been established that will run for seven weeks at the Community Center from May 8th –July 26th.

The HRB has approved Campus Recreation’s supervision of swim lessons at the Urey pool. This will include private lessons in the afternoons and Montessori classes two days a week.

Accent lighting has been competed in the Community center courtyard and in the landscape areas at the intersection of Gabrielino and California Avenue.

A new high efficiency heater has been installed at the Los Trancos Pool. All pool facilities have undergoing refurbishments in anticipation of summer start-up operations commencing May 1st.

Work in Progress:

Replacement of traffic control signs across the Hill continues this month. UCI PD will be advised at the completion of the work to coordinate enforcement if necessary. A community wide email will advise residents of the sign replacements and ask for continued cooperation.

The Dog Park entrance reconstruction/ revisions have been sent back out for rebidding.

Various common area landscape irrigation controllers are in the process of being replaced in keeping with the Master Reserve Report.

Security video camera upgrades are in progress at the community center and will be completed by the end of May.

Architectural Control:

Three solar applications are in process and are anticipated to be approved in early May.

A new lot landscape design has been approved.

Three tree removal requests will be reviewed by the HRB

Two new home painting requests have been approved.

The next HRB meeting will be held June 5 at 4:00 p.m.

University Hills Community Center Board Room

Residents are welcome