The distribution of free mulch generated from U Hills landscape and tree pruning was warmly received by our resident last May.  ICHA is happy to announce that another 200 Cubic Yards of Top Quality Shredded Mulch will be delivered to 10 locations around the Hill for resident use beginning Tuesday June 7th. It’s a first come first serve arrangement so don’t dally. Some folks questioned commercial landscaper’s use of the material last May. Each situation we checked showed that the mulch was used on accounts here on the Hill. Please share this resource equitably.

 Mulch is an amazing complement in one’s garden. Weeds are diminished, erosion is controlled, water is retained and aside from looking great, worms and other beneficial mycorrhizal fungi will turn the once green stuff into wonderful soil. I have attached an article published by Dr. James Downerfrom the University of California Cooperative Extension out of Ventura California. It addresses the benefits of mulch on trees and other landscape materials. We have been allowed to republish this article with the permission of the Western Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture as published in their summer 2009 Western Arborist magazine. It’s a good read!


Andrew Herndon / ICHA Community Development