April 14, 2011

Dear University Hills Residents,

The Irvine Campus Housing Authority is ready to begin construction of the next neighborhood in University Hills.  This new neighborhood, Area 10-1, will consist of 49 single family detached homes that will be located on the east side of Gabrielino Drive, south of California Avenue, and adjacent to the new 920 Series Homes (See attached PDF Site Plan).  Our builder, California Pacific Homes, will commence construction in the later part of April, early May 2011.  The grading and infrastructure installation will be followed by home construction in early fall. The first home is expected to be delivered by the summer of 2012. The homes will be very similar in design and aesthetics to the 920 Series homes on Pauling, Vega and Meyer Courts.

Although the Observatory will remain accessible, the new project will affect access to foot trails during construction.  Please make sure that any children in your home who may be using the open grasslands as a short cut to school and other activities are aware of the need to use alternative routes.

ICHA will be accelerating the construction of a new 12’ sidewalk along the east side of Gabrielino Drive from California Avenue down to Bonita Canyon Drive.  This lighted sidewalk is designed for both pedestrians and bikers and is expected to be operational in the fall of 2011.

Until this new link is complete, please use the gravel path on Anteater Drive or Meadow Park to access Bonita Canyon Drive from University Hills.

Per conditions placed on the project by UCI, work will begin no earlier than 7 AM Monday through Friday.  Some rare weekend work may occur.

If you have questions about the new neighborhood, you may call Victor VanZandt at (949) 824-4827.