HRB Meeting Minutes
October 5, 2010
Attending: Jeff Beckwith, Jan Fisher, Mike McNally, Michele Walot, Ginny Mumm, Andrew Herndon and guests- Richard Demerjian and Scott Samuelson
The Fall Fiesta was a rousing success with more than 1000 people attending. The coffee cart was a huge hit and we greatly appreciated the Men’s and Women’s Volleyball Teams coordinating games and kid activities and Assistant Coach and U Hills resident David Kniffin for his role in organizing their attendance.
Community Center- November election polls will be at the Community Room and ICHA has offered cookies and coffee for the day. The Haunted House and Halloween Party will be on Oct 30 with a craft-a-thon on Oct 23 to make decorations.
New streetlamps are slated to be installed along California Avenue using low energy induction lights. ICHA is coordinating with the UCI Facilities Management and Campus Planning and Sustainability groups for installation tentatively set for Spring 2011.
In anticipation of a major solar panel project, Richard Demerjian from Environmental Planning and Sustainability and Scott Samuelson from the Advanced Power and Energy Program came to brief the HRB. Two 60 x 70 foot solar panels (a concentrated photovoltaic system) will be installed near the electrical switchyard across from the Medical School. Similar panels were just installed at Cal Poly Pomona. There will be a meeting for affected residents on Oct 13. This is a five year project that will bring $1 mil to the campus in grant money and will help bring UCI toward its goal of reducing its carbon footprint. The HRB heartily supported it.
Architectural Reviews- The HRB also discussed its role as an arbiter of house colors outside the current palette. A color consultant could be used as an alternative. A deck request on McClintock was discussed. It was noted that proposals for window replacements should go through ICHA.
Management raised the question and discussion followed on the need to arrange for more legible signs announcing community activities. Andrew suggested decorative banners that could be erected prior to an event that simply directed viewers and passers by to the U Hills Web Site for details. The Board was enthusiastic about a better system and asked Andrew to research several possibilities and report back.
Andrew was requested and agreed to provide an update on the next phase of housing at the November Board meeting.
Respectfully submitted,
Michele Walot